No, The Log Cabin Republicans Do Not Support Obama Bailing On DOMA’s Constitutionality

Why does Log Cabin Republica head R. Clarke Cooper support John Boehner’s upcoming defense of DOMA? Because without him, who’s going to take the case to the Supreme Court and get the justices to declare the law unconstitutional once and for all.

With Obama refusing to defend the constitutionality of DOMA’s Section 3, which forces the federal government to be blind to legal same-sex marriages, it falls on Congress to take up the issue if they want. Boehner, the House speaker, says he’ll do just that, because apparently he WANTS THE COURTS to strike down laws. Imagine!

And Cooper, whose organization is still fighting Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in court, supports the GOP’s bipartisan House commission’s move.

“I want to see DOMA repealed, I would love to see it repealed legislatively,” says Cooper, but “the speaker is doing the right thing for right now.” But when asked point blank by Chris Matthews whether he thinks Obama is right not to defend the constitutionality of DOMA, he all but refuses, until he says it is, in fact, wrong. And that is because Cooper, like so many other Republicans, sticks to the party line instead of gay humanity.

Oh Cooper, you are a beautiful shiny bald man! And you have that going for you.

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  • Cam

    This is what I’ve been saying all along.

    The days of many of the organizations like Log Cabin being about gay rigthts are long gone.

    Clark Cooper is a shill for the GOP. He has no interest in gay rights other than as a job.

    In the past, when Patrick Guarino was head of the group they refused to endorse Bush, and other candidates that were not pro-gay. HOWEVER Cooper sees it as HIS job, to protect the GOP from accusations of anti-gay opinions and to cover and shill for them.

    The reason he will not answer the question above is because he is a republican first and party loyalty is all that is important to him.

    The idea of a group that would try to push the GOP to be more accepting of gays is a good idea, however, under Cooper that will never happen. He is still uncomfortable enough with being gay that he sees his only role, as apologizing for being gay, and thinking that if he dances to the Partys tune enough, perhaps they will might invite him to the club….entry through the servants entrance of course.

  • Rob

    Is this another desperate guy sublimating his need for parental approval to MOTHER GOP?

  • justiceontherocks

    @Cam: Bingo. Great idea to have gay republicans shoving the party in the right direction. But this guy is either a hypocrite or too dumb to go out in public. He says he wants a legislative repeal, but

    I don’t know if he’s a shill for the republicans (probably is) but it’s obvious he doesn’t have the balls to lead an advocacy group. No wonder our rights get recognized in drips and drabs.

  • Shannon1981

    Log Cabins are Republicans too, what do you expect? All they care about is their bank account balances and other so called “straight acting” gay people- read: the ones who don’t like those of us who actually embrace gay culture and care about our rights first, and other things second. Sorry, there is never any argument for a self respecting queer to associate with this bigoted party, especially in such a public way IMO. They are Uncle Toms. Dan Savage had it right when he said they were ‘gay quislings’ and ‘useful idiots.’

  • antonyvietnam

    R. Clarke Cooper is openly gay. But he is also an Republican.

    I think he would just want to defend his position in The Republican Party. I also think he would not be honestly say that in the interview

  • Steve

    I don’t appreciate my comment having a line through it.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Steve: I had the same problem earlier today. I logged out and logged back in and it was gone. Odd.

  • Chris

    This guy is actually wrong about it falling on legislature. So long as DOMA is in place the courts can hear any case against it they want, like Perry V. Schwarzenegger, or Massachusetts V. Department of Public Health. And let “Boner-less” take it up, he only looks that much like a 1960’s has been anti-gay imbecile.

  • tjr101

    For gay Republicans, their bank accounts is what deserves more rights than anything else.

    It’s so funny watching Log Cabin double talk, they want DOMA repealed legislatively but know very well John Boner and the rabid Teaparty crew they helped elect have no intention of doing this.

    The Log Cabiners/GoProuders would rather drink acid than admit that Obama made the right decision.

  • McMike

    Republicans are so full of shite. The irony and hypocrisy coming from the anti-gay crowd, and Log Cabin, is unreal. They accuse the President of one thing while they do the same thing themselves.

    btw, what f*cking world does this Log Cabin guy live in if he doesn’t think the current congress would pass DOMA today. Has he been around in the past month where the GOP has introduced legislation all over to limit and eradicate our rights?

    It just really pisses me off hearing this Log Cabin guy go on about how the GOP wants to focus on the important issues when that’s obviously NOT what they’re doing.

  • The One Who Knows

    What ever happened to that younger blond guy who was Log Cabin’s spokesperson? He always had the right answer. This Cooper guy talks out of both sides and can’t figure out his lines…he’s not an improvement on the organization.

  • Cam

    @Chris: said.. ”
    This guy is actually wrong about it falling on legislature. So long as DOMA is in place the courts can hear any case against it they want, like Perry V. Schwarzenegger, or Massachusetts V. Department of Public Health”

    You’re right, AND the ridiculous thing is that the case against DADT was filed by a former Log Cabin Leader, back when the group actually seemed to be concerned with gay rights.

    Remember, Cooper held fundraisers for a VA elected official who went on to say very anti-gay things, and Cooper ONLY backtracked when he started getting attacked for it on the blogs.

    Additionally, Patrick Murphy was the straight Iraq war vet who got elected and immediatly started trying to introduce a DADT repeal. Log Cabin endorsed his OPPONENT and was sending out e-mails crowing about how they had defeated him. They actually worked to get a neutral or non-ally elected over one of the most pro-gay Congresspeople we had.

  • robert in NYC

    Lets face it guys, gay and republican = oxymoron! The only thing they care about is their portfolios first and foremost and lower taxes which do NOT create jobs as we’ve seen under Bush in the previous 8 year regime. You can bet Cooper will not be a speaker at the next GOP convention. The Log Cabin has never had one of theirs addressing the crowd and they never question why? Who in their right mind would support and vote for a party that clearly doesn’t want us to have equality? Its sick and disgusting.

  • Brian Miller

    I don’t understand why anybody who is gay would be a Republican, and I also don’t understand LCR’s schizoid position on the issue. LCR is part of the lawsuit seeking to overturn section 3 of DOMA, yet their leader is going on television insisting DOMA is hunky-dory. Huh?

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