No Threat For Iranian Gays?

Despite dozens of reports on persecutions and executions over the years, UK Home Secretary Jacqui Smith insists that there’s no threat to gay people in Iran. As long as they’re “discreet,” of course…

…In her letter to Lord Roberts of Llandudno, Ms Smith rejected a call for an immediate halt to the deportation of gay and lesbian asylum seekers. “We recognise that the conditions for gay and lesbian people in Iran – and many other countries – are such that some individuals are able to demonstrate a need for international protection.

With particular regard to Iran, current case law handed down by the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal concludes that the evidence does not show a real risk of discovery of, or adverse action against gay and lesbian people who are discreet about their sexual orientation.”

Gay campaign groups estimate that 4,000 Iranians have been executed because of their sexuality since the late 1970s. Ms Smith suggests it is far fewer.

Smith’s letter came after activists took on the UK’s asylum system, which some claim doesn’t do enough to further gay rights.