Nobel Peace Prize Winner Lech Walesa Bashes Gays, Tells Them To “Adjust To Smaller Things”

Lech_Walesa_-_2009Former Polish president Lech Walesa has been known around the world as an ardent fighter for human rights and democracy.

Apparently that fight doesn’t include the LGBT community.

In a television interview, the Nobel Peace Prize winner opined that gays shouldn’t serve in the Polish parliament, but if they must, they should be seated “behind a wall.”

“They have to know that they are a minority and must adjust to smaller things. And not rise to the greatest heights, the greatest hours, the greatest provocations, spoiling things for the others and taking from the majority,” Walesa told TVN. “A minority should not impose itself on the majority.”

Jerzy Wenderlich of the Democratic Left Alliance called Walesa’s statement “appalling”: “It was the statement of a troglodyte—Now nobody in their right mind will invite Lech Walesa as a moral authority, knowing what he said.”

Poland has a reputation for being one of  least welcoming European nations when it comes to the LGBT community, but recent elections have seen both a trans woman and an openly gay man join Parliament on the progressive Palikot’s Movement ballot.

A group opposing hate speech has filed a complaint with prosecutors accusing Walesa of promoting “propaganda of hate against a sexual minority.”