Nobody Can Find The 2 Men Who Got Married Aboard a Virgin America Red Eye Flight

Last week some tweets claimed a Virgin America flight routed itself over Canadian airspace so a pilot could marry two homos. Except the flight’s pilot says he’s completely unaware of any wedding. And besides, for it to be legal a Canadian official would have to preside over the nuptials. Are we looking at a giant hoax?

The ceremony, which gained traction after appearing on The Daily What, has a number of Twitter users professing to have been eyewitnesses to (or at least sleepy passengers during) the 35,000-foot event during Thursday night’s red eye flight.

But not only does nobody know the names of the two men who supposedly got married, but a Virgin America rep says the pilot “actually was unaware of the reported celebration in the cabin (so reports that a pilot performed it are definitely not correct).” And the notion that he diverted the plane into Canadian airspace is an exaggeration: “there was no ‘diversion’ – this was part of the normal flight path.” (Indeed, Virgin America Flight 28’s SFO-JFK route does go into Canada for a few minutes, hitting southern Ontario and Lake Erie.) But the rep does say, “That said I would not rule it out, as we’ve actually had a wedding onboard before. Sir Richard was ordained as a minister and married a couple on a Vegas flight in 2007.”

And for the ceremony to have any legal standing in Canada, the officiator would have to be registered with Ontario, which would take some planning on the couple’s part.

How to put an end to the speculation? Find the men who got married. Even Matt Mullenweg, the web developer who created WordPress (which this site is powered by), is interested in tracking down the happy couple. At the very least, they could probably get a free honeymoon flight out of it for all the free press they helped generate.