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Nobody Got Stabbed At This Year’s Jerusalem Pride

It was a toned down affair at yesterday’s Jerusalem Pride march, where the gays paraded through the streets and ultra-Orthodox Jews spent the day god created birds and sea creatures protesting their queer brothers and sisters (that’s them at the bottom, in the slimming black frocks).

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And great news: “There was no repeat of an incident five years ago when three participants were stabbed and wounded by an ultra-Orthodox Jew. But security was tight. And, brandishing banners with slogans like ‘Holyland not Homoland’, anti-gay protesters left their feelings in no doubt.”

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  • horus

    jew bigots, u gotta love it for the irony. if u get rid of the jheri curls they sound and act like the christian strain of the same disease.

  • CHIP1218

    These Jewish bigots are a strain on the Israeli society – they are Israel’s welfare class. They refuse to serve in the military, yet push the military to be as hawkish as possible (it’s not like any of them or their children will die…). They devote their lives to studying the bible and holy books, taking welfare checks and bleeding the Israeli social services system. They probably don’t pay much in taxes either. In many ways, they are worse than the Christian bigots here in the USA. However, they are no longer the majority thanks to the 1 million “Russian Jews” that emigrated over the past 20 years to Israel. They lost most of their culture wars, and they lost control of running the Israeli Orthodox Council of Rabbis because they focused so much time and attention to settling the West Bank since the Arafat-Rabin peace treaty. They are hopefully slowly losing more influence in Israel, but that means many of them will come to the USA…

  • ChiGuy76

    The one sign: “Gay Play in Hell not in Jerusalem” cracks me up. According to several of my Jewish friends, the idea of “Heaven” & “Hell” originated with Christianity not Judaism. The afterlife historically was never discussed in Judaism. Kind of makes you wonder who bankrolled the ultra-Orthodox protesters.

  • L.

    @ChiGuy76: I also noticed it, but for another reason: given the linguistic makeup in Israel, it being written in English means it was geared towards foreign media, not Israelis themselves.

  • anonymous (not that one)

    @CHIP1218: They do the same thing here in NYC as well. The largest group on the state’s welfare roles in NY are jews.

  • anonymous (not that one)

    @ChiGuy76: I bet they gladly excepted the money too, making it all the more ironic. Lord, will they ever learn. I doubt it. Never take your eyes off of a man or woman who marches to the “word” of god.

    Never waste your time explaining that ANY bible was written by man.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @CHIP1218: If they’re the only ones settling the West Bank, I’ll change my mind and support the terrorists.

  • shlong

    @anonymous (not that one): Actually on this fact you are bit wrong. The largest group on welfare rolls in NY are not Jews but minorities, mostly Latinos followed by high number of Blacks. I worked in social services briefly for NYC and got tired of watching how much of my state and fed taxes is wasted on people who abuse the welfare system in NY.

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