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Nobody Wanted to Pay Playgirl to See Levi Johnston’s Hockey Stick


It’s unlikely that Playgirl paid Levi Johnston the rumored $150,000 figure to stand erect in a shower stall. But if the gossip mill is to be believed, whatever Playgirl did paid Levi was too much — because thus far, they’ve lost money on the deal.

After turning down a $100k offer to masturbate “to completion,” Levi went with a more sane deal from Playgirl. And, likely, for a lot less cash.

But even Playgirl got the short end of the stick (!) on the deal, as it appears not enough people signed up for a $19.95 monthly subscription to Playgirl.com to break even, let alone turn a profit. And Daniel Nardicio, the nightlife promoter-cum-porn dealmaker, now insists his “goal was to position PG in the public’s mind — not so much sell subscriptions.” Which is only a wise business practice if this is just the launch of the new Playgirl brand, rather than a last-ditch effort to keep the brand in the black.

And if Playgirl.com’s lack of sign-ups — which makes sense, given the photos were available for free online if you looked hard enough — means a dent in Johnston’s own pocket because of their revenue sharing deal, then remember Levi, our $50,000 offer still stands.

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  • Cam

    It was probably a fairly smart deal just because….when was the last time anybody heard Playgirl even mentioned? I thought they’d gone out of business back in the 90’s or something. At least now people know that they still exist.

  • Paul

    Three words..Buh Bye Levi

  • Taylor Siluwé

    I still say he should’ve buffed up more. I mean, c’mon, when the spotlight is on you for your 15 minutes, you damn well better look flawless. But, I forgot, only a gay guy would know that.

  • FakeName

    I think it’s funny that Playgirl.com still believes that anyone pays for online porn.

  • Jean

    Because who in their right mind, wants to see a peice of crap, like Levi…..naked? He’s a little baby punk!!!!

  • afrolito

    The ONLY people obsessing over this homely hobbit getting naked, were gay men. If Playgirl got screwed with subscriptions, then it serves them right.

  • drewbrown

    PG deserves to have its ass handed to it (no pun intended) for lying and saying Levi would be going full-on naked, then retracting at the last minute, AFTER it had been selling subscriptions. Lame. And the actual photo shoot was so boring and uninspired… definitely the nail in the coffin of a dead brand.

  • Dave

    As someone who judges men’s bodies for a living in their naked state…I would have advised Levi to bulk up and make sure his flat ass didn’t fall so flat and chubby in photos. Playgirl was WAY to desperate for attention and didn’t bother to properly plan a shoot that could have had a great pop culture result albeit a 15 minute one.

  • daniel

    this is all such a load of crap.
    We did amazingly well in this deal.
    Some punk at AOL Popeater wrote me an email stating that Playgirl lost money on this deal, which is so untrue, then he changed my response from ” we are very happy with the record number of new subscribers on Playgirl, and even if we hadnt done well, my goal was to position PG in the public’s mind, which i did amazingly — not so much sell subscriptions.”
    and that douche changed my quote to satisfy his article.
    Levi didnt make 150,000- he made a flat fee and a rev share. We’re very happy with almost all of the shoots outcome, given the fact that we got the contract signed 5 days before the shoot.

  • j

    All of you insulting his body are absolutely beyond me. That people would ridicule someone who’s obviously in such good shape because their ass (falls too flat??) is rediculous. I think he looks amazing and anyone who would be so obsessed with their bodies to a point where they could look down on this man must have very little else in their lives.

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