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Nobody Wanted to Pay Playgirl to See Levi Johnston’s Hockey Stick


It’s unlikely that Playgirl paid Levi Johnston the rumored $150,000 figure to stand erect in a shower stall. But if the gossip mill is to be believed, whatever Playgirl did paid Levi was too much — because thus far, they’ve lost money on the deal.

After turning down a $100k offer to masturbate “to completion,” Levi went with a more sane deal from Playgirl. And, likely, for a lot less cash.

But even Playgirl got the short end of the stick (!) on the deal, as it appears not enough people signed up for a $19.95 monthly subscription to Playgirl.com to break even, let alone turn a profit. And Daniel Nardicio, the nightlife promoter-cum-porn dealmaker, now insists his “goal was to position PG in the public’s mind — not so much sell subscriptions.” Which is only a wise business practice if this is just the launch of the new Playgirl brand, rather than a last-ditch effort to keep the brand in the black.

And if Playgirl.com’s lack of sign-ups — which makes sense, given the photos were available for free online if you looked hard enough — means a dent in Johnston’s own pocket because of their revenue sharing deal, then remember Levi, our $50,000 offer still stands.