NOM Also Thinks Blacks Were Better Off During Slavery

Alvin McEwen over at Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters, points out that The National Organization for Marriage has highlighted its past partnership with The Family Leader and  recently praised Michele Bachmann for signing The Family Leader’s “Marriage Vow,” saying it put her in first place for the Iowa primary while pointing out that other GOP presidential candidates have not signed it.

So seeing as NOM never mentioned the whole kerfuffle over the part of the vow which said black kids were better off during slavery, does that mean NOM is proud of Bachmann and Santorum for supporting that view too? Hmmm…

McEwen comments further:

…that’s a pretty conspicuous omission seeing how NOM brags about how it has teamed up with the black church on more than one occasion to stop marriage equality.

NOM also loves getting people of color (or POCs as the ad folks like to call ’em) into their photographs and advertisements. But we’ll let McEwen continue:

NOM seems to be a master at exploiting the race card when it can be used against the gay community. In both Maryland and New York, the group allied itself with members of the black community under the pretense that it is trying to preserve the integrity of the African-American struggle for equality from “homosexual interlopers” out to “exploit that legacy for their own hedonistic purposes.”

NOM: We only like blacks when they help us.