NOM Also Thinks Blacks Were Better Off During Slavery

Alvin McEwen over at Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters, points out that The National Organization for Marriage has highlighted its past partnership with The Family Leader and  recently praised Michele Bachmann for signing The Family Leader’s “Marriage Vow,” saying it put her in first place for the Iowa primary while pointing out that other GOP presidential candidates have not signed it.

So seeing as NOM never mentioned the whole kerfuffle over the part of the vow which said black kids were better off during slavery, does that mean NOM is proud of Bachmann and Santorum for supporting that view too? Hmmm…

McEwen comments further:

…that’s a pretty conspicuous omission seeing how NOM brags about how it has teamed up with the black church on more than one occasion to stop marriage equality.

NOM also loves getting people of color (or POCs as the ad folks like to call ’em) into their photographs and advertisements. But we’ll let McEwen continue:

NOM seems to be a master at exploiting the race card when it can be used against the gay community. In both Maryland and New York, the group allied itself with members of the black community under the pretense that it is trying to preserve the integrity of the African-American struggle for equality from “homosexual interlopers” out to “exploit that legacy for their own hedonistic purposes.”

NOM: We only like blacks when they help us.

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  • Queer Supremacist

    As a Jew, albeit one of European descent, I have to question exactly why black Americans continue to follow the Christian religion. For every abolitionist and anti-segregationist using the Bible to justify their beliefs, there were 10 pro-slavery and pro-segregation advocates using the Bible to justify their own beliefs. Blacks have more in common with Jews and gays than Christians, and that’s why it bothers me, and many others, to see people use the same arguments to oppress us that were use to oppress them, when we should be fighting these scumbags together.

    Do you see me worshipping Egyptian sun gods?

  • TheRealMannequinAdam

    It’s unfortunate that many in the black community who support NOM, can’t wake up to what they’re doing.

  • Henry

    @Queer Supremacist: Are you forgetting that the Jewish law says gays should be stoned to death? Judaism isn’t my idea of a gay-friendly religion. So I don’t see how it’s better than Christianity. They’re both gay-hating.

  • Drew H.

    @Queer Supremacist: I can understand your point of view.As a black gay man & agnostic myself I’ve never understood how the community can justify the same type of hatred & discrimination that was used on our people. I can also agree that it would be best if minority groups fought injustice & intolerance together instead of trampling on the rights of others in the name of religion. Will that happen? Probably only when people stop allowing them selves to be manipulated by religion. Then again what are the chances of that?

  • B

    No. 3 · Henry wrote. “@Queer Supremacist: Are you forgetting that the Jewish law says gays should be stoned to death? Judaism isn’t my idea of a gay-friendly religion. So I don’t see how it’s better than Christianity.”

    Well, one difference is that the last sentence of Leviticus (the book of the Bible where the anti-gay “put to death” crap is found) says, “These are the commandments, which the LORD commanded Moses for the children of Israel in mount Sinai.” At least they aren’t trying to push these beliefs on the rest of the world, just “the children of Israel”, maybe with a time/place restriction as well. Also, lesbians are not mentioned.

    Leviticus really describes the religious practices and taboos of a collection of tribes living in the Middle East thousands of years ago. There’s no reason to take it very seriously today, beyond wryly noting that current religious practices will probably sound as bizarre 2000 years from now as the ones in Leviticus seem today, with one exception – thanks to video, they might actually get to see how we behave, leaving little to the imagination.

  • Cam


    Also, Jews have the highest rates of approval for gay marriage among any of the major religions, higher than Catholics, Protostants, and far higher than Muslims or Mormons.

    As for the NOM issue, I love how that group keeps claiming that black kids were more likiely to have a two parent household back during slavery….funny because marriage between slaves was ILLEGAL and the parents or children could have been sold off at any time.

    So I would just LOVE to see the documented proof behind their assertions….or gee, were they just spouting off their racist commentary and nobody has bothered to ask for their research yet?

  • Tackle

    Should have know Daniel Villarreal.
    Dude what is your OBSESSION with Black people??
    Trying to stir something up?
    And so what if NOM thinks Blacks were better off during slavery. As a Black man I say they are entitled to their opinion. I have more important things to be concerned with then what they think.
    Your obession with Blacks continue and it’s very unhealthy. Under the guise of caring, I see that you are no friend of black people.

  • a. mcewen

    Tackle, as the person who wrote the piece that Daniel referred to – and a black man – I find your comments strange and way off base. And the point should be made that it’s interesting how NOM plays the gay and black communities against one another while not making a comment when one of its allies throws out offensively racists comments.

  • Henry

    @Cam: Do you have the statistics for that?




  • ewe

    Evil white people only have use for stupid black people.

  • Queer Supremacist

    The comments about black families and slavery had more to do with the effects that Great Society policies had on black families, which were disastrous. But they were not worse than slavery because blacks are now legally free.

    Anyone who ascribes racist motivation to critics of black homophobes is playing NOM’s game.


    1. There are a lot of things in the Bible that almost no Jew, Christian, or Muslim anywhere does anymore.

    2. Of the three Abrahamic religions, Judaism is a religion that puts more emphasis on study of the religious text than blind faith. To Christianity and Islam, the Bible says, “this is so” and that’s the end of it, but for Jews, it’s just the beginning.

    3. The Jewish state of Israel is ahead of us on gay rights. The Knesset legalized homosexuality 15 years before Lawrence v. Texas, and while they have no civil marriage they recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. This was in spite of the homophobia of the Orthodox Jews. Their laws against homosexuality were artifacts of British civil law from the British Mandate era.

    4. The least liberal Jew (socially, that is) is still more accepting than the most liberal Christian or Muslim.

  • pedro

    @Queer Supremacist: Sorry to be the one to burst your little heritage bubble, but there is nothing in the historical record or one iota of archaeological evidence, to suggest that the Egyptians kept large numbers of Jewish slaves. Jews did not build the pyramids, nor was there any great exodus out of Egypt…Your people made that shit up dude! It’s pure fabrication, but hey it’s a good read and a powerful myth that has motivated you folks and even inspired black Americans during their struggle… The Egyptians were anal about writing shit down and yet somehow they omitted this major historical event? I think not.

    As for Maggie…that bitch is gonna die from a heart attack, she is freaking HUUUUGE! Whenever people pack on the pounds like that there is deep internal turmoil at work. Fat people disgust me! Now I don’t hate them, just the sight of that excess weight makes me feel sick, I can’t eat in the presence of fat people. Gallagher needs to take a break from trying to oppress me and lose the weight, maybe if she does she won’t be such a bitter bitch. Oh, and fuck NOM!

  • Pete n SFO

    way to hijack a post… nothing bores me more than people trying to apply logic to the craZy shiz from whatever CraZy Shiz book your think exemplifies your faith. Whew; don’t you guys get it? You can’t argue crazy w/ a crazy person; they ALWAYS win b/c it’s a selective application. Do you believe if you are sincere or absolutely correct they’ll turn & say, “Oh, now I’m cool w/ the gay!”


    The piece is about NOM’s leveraging of prejudice & their duplicitous & opportunistic USING of black people!!!


    Jeeesh… sometimes I think you internet babblers believe you’re being paid by the word.

  • Tackle

    # a.mcewen
    You obviously don’t know the history of Daniel. This is a writer who used the term
    Jungle Fever (did u know this?) a little over a month ago regarding a interracial couple. And took it down and apologized when readers complained about the term. And who tends to focus mainly on Black homophobia. I’m not the only Queerty Reader who has noticed this. And there are some people within the community who will play Black gays and White gays against each other to garner more hits for the website for bigger ratings.

  • Niko

    ugh… I knew NOM was crap. Slavery is horrible. The things that happened to Black people should have not happened. No Matter the race we are human and we need to respect one another.

    Also Leviticus is Levitican Law which was not made for christians. so Calling Homosexuality a Sin for Christians is wrong. Also Marriage came way before Christianity did, so Christianity has no part in the development of marriage so. it is not unchristian or evil for homosexuals to get married. Also there are many things people don’t do..

    Society has changed for the better, and people need to learn to be accepting.
    Everyone deserves the right to marry..

  • Queer Supremacist

    @pedro: We can tell what your motivation is when you use terms like “your people” and especially your comments about fat people. Not surprising from a Papist-raised son of Torquemada.

  • Henry

    @Queer Supremacist: It’s true that a lot of Jews don’t like what the law of Moses says about gay people. However. You’re speaking in very general terms, I think too general to be verifiable. You come off as an apologist, and I don’t think you know any very liberal Christians or Muslims.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Henry: There are no socially “liberal” Christians or Muslims because Christianity and Islam are illiberal.

  • skrillex

    Oh look, the people who hate sexual minorities and alternative religious viewpoints also hate racial differences. HOW TERRIBLY SURPRISING.

    More people need to wake up to the fact that oppressed minorities are just getting played against each other by those who are pulling the strings. If you belong to any minority group (“minority” in the political sense of having much less access to power), remember that the people who hate women, queers, visible minorities, religious minorities, ethnic minorities, and the disabled are also the people who hate YOU. Don’t let them trick you into joining them in their hate.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @skrillex: I’m not joining them in their hate. I’m throwing hate back in their faces. I’m fighting fire with water in the same sense that Dorothy Gale did.

  • MikeE

    @Queer Supremacist: What? You mean ALL Christians? So, the United Church of Canada where I got married, by that wonderful and open-hearted minister isn’t actually pro-gay? or maybe they aren’t actually Christian? Dude, please don’t dump all Christians into the same boat with the whackjobs. By the way, United Church of Canada: third largest Christian denomination in Canada, actively fought for gay rights, minority rights, women’s rights.

  • Cam



    1. Nobody builds monuments to slaves so harder to prove, but there have been some interesting archeological finds. I know Egypt is putting out statement after statement that says the Jews didn’t build the pyraminds…but then they would wouldn’t they?

  • Henry

    @Cam: No, there haven’t been any archaelogical finds. That’s the point. No finds at all… with the one exception of the Israel Stele. And that find has nothing to do with slavery in Egypt.

  • Henry

    @Queer Supremacist: Well you clearly don’t know anything about Christianity or Islam then.

  • Henry

    @Cam: Great. That’s not proof of the claim you made before, about majority support for gay marriage, in comparison to other religions.

  • skrillex

    @Queer Supremacist: Ironically, two stories currently on the front page of Queerty say “Creepy NOM Rabbi: Gay Marriage Murdered An 8-Year-Old Boy” and “Episcopal Bishop Tells New York Gay Clergy To Marry Their Partners”… so there goes your theory on how of the three Abrahamic religions, Judaism is the only one that can be liberal.

  • Ganondorf

    Get the plane, Billy.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Tackle: Tackle: I regularly level criticism at Queerty and some readers about the disconnect between racial civil rights and sexual civil rights. Indeed, I wrote a stinger to Daniel Villarreal too about the headline you reference.

    Villarreal did change the headline; importantly, though, Villarreal pointed out to those who were unaware, the phrase “Jungle Fever” to reference the Lovings’ Case (interracial marriage) was the title, “Jungle Fever” to the movie Spike Lee wrote and directed about the Lovings. While the phrasing Villarreal used was worse than off-putting, the intent was to link the case for interracial and same-sex marriage using the example proffered by Spike Lee.


    NOM, Maggot Gallagher and Brian Brownnose are hack ponzi con-artists using same-sex marriage as their money maker. That they link to other organizations that are just as wacky and wingnutty is not much of a surprise.

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