NOM Gets A Lobbyist And The GOP Gangs Up To Kill Gay Marriage In NH and NC

What’s wrong with states with two words in their name? They either rule royally (New York, hollerrr) or suck monkey balls, like New Hampshire and North Carolina right now. In both of those states, anti-gay politicians have begun to ramp up the drive to push an anti-gay agenda of disenfranchising gays of their God-given gay right to gay marriage.

Over in the Live Free or Die state, a tattered doucherag of a soul called Kevin Smith is aiming for the Republican governership nomination. Once he nabs the nom, he’d like to pilot the state towards repealing its same-sex marriage law. He’s even taking a little down time before the election to serve as an official National Organization for Marriage lobbyist. How cute! So, state that believes that people should be left alone to marry whoever they choose, please don’t elect this corporate crony hack, thanks.

Over in a state best known for being the first to crash a biplane on the Outerbanks, “a referendum committee formed by several anti-gay religious groups is among the latest official campaign organizations set up for an impending ballot initiative on an anti-LGBT state constitutional amendment banning marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships for same-sex couples,” according to Q Notes. Meh.

We don’t know which is shittier: the heart-wrenching repeal of gay marriage in a pioneer state, or a pre-emptive “no gay marriage here, queers” law. Both suck pretty hard.

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  • scribe31

    thank-you GOP and NOM both groups always make it easy for me to remember who to vote and campain against.

  • GreatGatsby2011

    The separation of Church and State continues to get more and more blurred. The Dominionists should be ecstatic.

  • Mark

    @GreatGatsby2011: their goal is to have sharia xtian law, the law of the land. I rarely say this but I HATE these people!

  • Jimmy

    to the Juvenile who wrote this article, New Hampshire doesn’t suck! Just it’s politicians!!

  • trin

    NC is a wonderful state, don’t talk shit about us. We’re not all backwards “god fearing” hicks down here. Unfortunately, most if not all of our conservative politicians are. Trust me, there are people down here fighting the good fight and we badly need your help. PLEASE.

  • CBRad

    @trin: You’re a horrible state! I mean…John Edwards?? Really.

  • Evan Mulvihill

    @trin: It’s all in good fun. I’ve actually had a great times in NC and NH, they’re both amazingly beautiful.

  • Joetx

    “We’re not all backwards “god fearing” hicks down here. Unfortunately, most if not all of our conservative politicians are.”

    Living in TX, I can empathize.

    However, who votes those a-holes in, hmm? You have to accept that your state (like mine) is full of ignorant a-holes.

  • Global Traveler

    Although I live in Fort Lauderdale now, I’m from NC, and much of my family is still there. They are all wonderful, loving, caring inclusive people.

    However….unfortunately, they are not in the (voting, at least) majority.

    It’s a beautiful place. Incredible mountains in the west and beautiful beaches in the east. But some really hateful ugly people in between. I hate to say it, but let’s not forget that it wasn’t so very long ago that Jesse Helm won reelection for the umpteenth time there.

  • Crysta

    What we need is a test for voting (that merely proves that you can think RATIONALLY, without bias…)

    Question 1: If science was able to prove beyond a doubt that god never existed, would you be able to accept this and change your life accordingly?

    Question 2: If your child came out to you as gay, could you accept them as they are?

    Stuff like this, just makes sense. And would get these idiots out of the way of CIVILIZED society…

  • CBRad

    @Global Traveler: And lovely people like Mike Nifong, Crystal Mangum, Jesse Helms, Quinn Matney, John Edwards, and native Bishop Eddie Long.

  • Cam

    The same people that freak out over the fear of Islamic Sharia law are the exact same people trying to impost Christian Sharia Law here in the U.S.

  • Robert in NYC

    What is even more sickening is that there are gays voting for and supporting the GOP regardless. Proof positive that marriage equality will NEVER be high on their agenda.

  • lohen

    New York, hollerrr!!! :P

    i hate both sides. my fox news mom knows her shit and checks her facts to a point where you cant argue with her… im basically watching fox new now to find who will bee the least shitty choice for me …. im leaving the country if the bimbo bachmann gets the nomination…

  • Stephen

    I lived in NC for years. Unless things have changed drastically, these are some of the most fundamentalist, hateful xtians you’ve ever met. Even my “liberal” friends from this state oppose gay marriage. Things may be a bit more liberal in the triangle region, but if you take the state as a whole, marriage equality is fucked. Kind of like Texas versus the Austin, DFW, and Houston areas. Remember, this state is sandwiched in between Pat Robertson/the 700 club (in Va Beach) and Bob Jones university (In SC). Even here in Texas, we go “Damn, those are some crazy Fundies!” At least in Texas, we tend to live an let live–from what I remember, these fundies get ALL UP IN YOUR SHIT.

    So, I support you, my NC brethren, but… You’re fucked. Yay, supreme court and prop 8 trial!

  • CBRad

    @Stephen: The gays in NC as just as horrid as the straights, though. And the blacks are as horrid as the whites. Just something about that state..

  • Carlsbad

    Hate the NH anti-gay politicians, not NH, my beautiful home state!

    The people of NH are more pro-marriage equality than any other state population. 63% of New Hampshirites OPPOSE repealing marriage equality. And of that 63%, 51% passionately oppose it. No other state in the nation can boast this kind of support for our marriage rights.

    We’re going to fight like hell, but we sure could use some help from our friends from outside the state.

    If you want to make sure that Kevin Smith does not win, please consider making a donation to Jackie Cilley, the strongest, most passionate supporter of marriage equality who is planning on running for Governor.

    She supported MARRIAGE before we even had civil unions here in NH. Here’s a clip of her speaking back in 2006(The relevant part starts @ 7:50).:

  • Queer Supremacist

    The years that I lived in North Crackerlina were the most miserable ones in my life.

    Opening your mouth needs to be a privilege, not a right.

  • Malwyn

    “their God-given gay right to gay marriage.”

    Heh. I like you more and more, Evan.

  • Bob Smith

    New Hampshire isn’t going to get rid of gay marriage. The governor will veto it if it passes the legislature, but it’s not even going to get that far. There are too many libertarian republicans and democrats for a repeal to pass, nevermind an override of the governor’s veto.

    The entire “repeal” effort is just the republicans throwing some red meat to the holy roller part of their base. They know they don’t have the votes to successfully do it, but they want to make the holy rollers feel like they tried so they can hit them up for more campaign contributions.

    This could play out well for Democrats though if it pisses off enough independent voters. Independents determine elections in New Hampshire, not republicans or democrats. Most independents in NH are socially tolerant/liberal and fiscally conservative. So you will see the state veer back and forth between parties.

    If the republicans piss off enough independents, they will either lose majority status in the legislature or at least have their large majorities chopped down. So they are playing a dangerous game with this repeal effort and cowtowing to the holy rollers might cost them dearly in the next election.

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