NOM Gets A Lobbyist And The GOP Gangs Up To Kill Gay Marriage In NH and NC

What’s wrong with states with two words in their name? They either rule royally (New York, hollerrr) or suck monkey balls, like New Hampshire and North Carolina right now. In both of those states, anti-gay politicians have begun to ramp up the drive to push an anti-gay agenda of disenfranchising gays of their God-given gay right to gay marriage.

Over in the Live Free or Die state, a tattered doucherag of a soul called Kevin Smith is aiming for the Republican governership nomination. Once he nabs the nom, he’d like to pilot the state towards repealing its same-sex marriage law. He’s even taking a little down time before the election to serve as an official National Organization for Marriage lobbyist. How cute! So, state that believes that people should be left alone to marry whoever they choose, please don’t elect this corporate crony hack, thanks.

Over in a state best known for being the first to crash a biplane on the Outerbanks, “a referendum committee formed by several anti-gay religious groups is among the latest official campaign organizations set up for an impending ballot initiative on an anti-LGBT state constitutional amendment banning marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships for same-sex couples,” according to Q Notes. Meh.

We don’t know which is shittier: the heart-wrenching repeal of gay marriage in a pioneer state, or a pre-emptive “no gay marriage here, queers” law. Both suck pretty hard.