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  • Pip

    wow its like a political ad crossed with an infomercial.

  • reason

    The question is where are the ad’s supporting his action, or even explaining why the GBLT community seeks equality. Ads should be playing all over the country, even in the deepest of red states. Stepping away from the echo chamber for a second and thinking about something can change peoples minds. It is like recycling or trying to be more efficient, coming from a traditional energy corridor in high school I supported the status quo by proxy because it wasn’t anywhere on my agenda or mind, but when presented with the message of why energy efficiency and recycling are important I stepped back and actually thought about it coming to the realization it is something that should be pursued. The community always seems to be waiting for someone to carry our water, it seems like all the GBLT advocates out there are tepid, clueless, or radical.

  • justiceontherocks

    @reason: You wrote that and then accuse other people of being tepid and clueless??

  • Red Meat

    So who can’t stop listening to JLO’s new song?

  • reason

    @justiceontherocks: And that is your argument??? You wonder why this community is still fighting for basic rights when others have long scenes got theirs.

  • D Smith

    since not scenes hun, and i doubt that the petty squabbles within our community are the cause… this one is much more willing to lay blame at the feet of religious organizations like NOM and their ilk.

    Good news on that front: by 2050 “non-religious people” (read atheist) will be more numerous then religious individuals within the States. Looks like the savanna apes CAN learn to leave behind the fairy tales.

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