NOM Chooses Hitler-esque Pic To Attack Pro-Equality Politico

The National Organization of Marriage has spent $75,000 in their campaign to keep New York Democratic Assemblyman David Weprin from taking the seat of disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner. Weprin voted to pass marriage equality and so NOM wants install an anti-equality candidate Bob Turner in Weiner’s place.

And to help scare up support, NOM has used a Hitler-esque image of Weprin in their postcard specifically targeted to Jewish voters; even though most pictures of Weprin feature him with a fuller mustache—amazing what a little Photoshop filtering and airbrushing can do.

Also the line “Do Not Let Weprin Mock Our Torah” makes us giggle, seeing as NOM is bankrolled mostly by Mormons and Catholics.