NOM Doesn’t Have A Real Crowd Of Supporters, So They Stole Obama’s


The National Organization for Marriage wants to make it seem like more people support repealing gay marriage in New Hampshire than actually do. So it PhotoShopped an image of a crowd at a 2008 Obama rally in Ohio onto their New Hampshire website. Rachel Maddow called shenanigans on her show last night and even the anti-marriage-equality Center for Marriage and Families called the move “unethical.”

Wow, you know you’ve stooped to a new low if your own cohorts are calling you out.


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  • steve

    I just adore the ‘Defend Marriage’ part…

    Don’t they realize that marriage has become a mockery under heterosexual rule?

  • Michael

    LOL I never put anything past these bigoted fools and never will.This does not surprise me in the least.


    Wonderful point as well considering DIVORCE has always been a part of the heterosexual community especially when it pertains to MARRIAGE.So yes they did indeed make a mockery of that institution a long ass time ago and that never had anything to do with us the big bad scary GAYS lol

    If they want to protect marriage then they should really stop abusing each other DIVORCING each other CHEATING on each other etc…

  • andreusz

    It’s okay to lie, if you’re lying for Jesus.

  • Joetx

    There are no limits to NOM’s lies.

  • Cam

    @andreusz: said…

    “It’s okay to lie, if you’re lying for Jesus.”

    Actually it’s funny you have that. The Mormon Church teaches that if you are lying to defend the church or Mormonism it is a good thing. They call it “Lying for the Lord”.

  • Khristiaan

    What’s the point on fighting for gay rights anymore it just ends up being taken away again anyways

  • Shannon1981

    disgusting. NOM must go. I really hope Anonymous makes them their next target.

  • Robert in NYC

    No. 7. I’d love it too if Anonymous could hack into NOM’s donor base and expose the bastards. NOM isn’t the only one doctoring coverage of its rallies. Glen Beck did the same thing in Washington DC last year. The one good thing Fox News did was to boot him from its channel.

    The only threat to marriage and the family are those heteros who philander, commit adultery, have countless numbers of children out of wedlock and divorce multiple times, something that has been going on since hetero marriage existed, hardly the fault of gays or same-sex marriage.

  • Robert in NYC

    Oh I forgot to mention in my prevous post. Polygamy is an hetero invention. It has existed as long as marriage has been around even beyond biblical times, but also condoned in the bible, hardly as a result of gays marrying.

  • Shannon1981

    @Robert in NYC: That’s the thing. They cannot see that heterosexuals have ALREADY MADE A MOCKERY OF MARRIAGE. Their countless adulterous affairs, multiple marriages and divorces, children strewn all over by who knows how many different babies’ mamas and daddies… Need I go on?

    These days, more than half of heterosexual marriages end in divorce. There is no “sanctity” to be had.

    As for NOM, I am not sure why Anonymous hasn’t targeted them yet. They seem to hate right wing propaganda- in fact, Fox News is their November 5th target.

  • chris_clb614

    I had to do a double take, because I usally watch Rachel Maddow, but did not see this report til just now. Anyway, to the best of my knowledge, there are no tall buildings in New Hampshire. And as it turns out the double take I had was that I recognize those buildings, they’re in my hometown!

    In 30 years (tops) people will be wondering what the fuss was all about.

  • lohen

    i kind of lol’d really hard :D

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