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NOM + Family Research Council Blame Republicans For Letting D.C.’s Gay Marriage Arrive Without a Fight

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Now that homosexual marriage has arrived in D.C. (with actual ceremonies able to begin tomorrow), it’s time to figure out who to blame — for letting this whole mess happen. Uh oh, looks like the Republicans are getting blamed by their own!

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the Utah Republican (pictured), led the effort to get Congress to step in and block the City Council’s gay marriage passage. It didn’t work, and now he’s angry with his fellow GOPers, which demonstrated a “weak and uncoordinated” effort to support inequality.

Outside social conservatives echoed Mr. Chaffetz’s comments about Capitol Hill Republicans. “I’ll be straight with you: I think they could have done more,” Brian Brown, executive director of the National Organization for Marriage, said of Republican leaders. “We needed a vote, and we didn’t get one.”

Like other social conservatives contacted by The Washington Times, Mr. Brown expected Republicans to secure a vote in Congress that would delay implementation of the D.C. gay-marriage measure and pursue a ballot initiative to overturn the law. The fact that the Republicans failed to deliver was laid at the feet of many people.

In particular, Senate Republicans were blamed. Last month, Sen. Robert F. Bennett, Utah Republican, introduced legislation to rescind the D.C. Council’s Dec. 1 vote legalizing gay marriage and to put the issue before District voters in a citywide initiative. His bill (S.2980) attracted eight co-sponsors.

“I haven’t seen any effort by Senator Bennett to push the legislation, or by the Senate [Republican] leadership,” said Tom McClusky, senior vice president of the Family Research Council Action. Attempts to get comment from Mr. Bennett’s office were unsuccessful. Mr. McClusky and Mr. Brown said Senate Republicans should have used a parliamentary maneuver called Rule 14, which allows a bill to get a floor vote by the whole U.S. Senate without going through the cumbersome and time-consuming committee process. “I think it would have been a natural to allow an up-or-down vote,” Mr. McClusky added. “And yet I didn’t see any action.”

[Washington Times]

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  • terrwill

    Sorry Jason ChaffedASS we all know you are a minion of the Moron church and they threatned to run another candidate against you unless you went way out of your jurisdiciton to stop this measure. Why don’t you comfort Marie Osmond for losing her Gay son because of the hate spewed by the Moron church instead??

  • Cam

    Gee, perhaps it could be because a Poll at the CPAC meeting had gay rights down at number 17 or so on the list of things that the conservatives were actually concerned about..taking a MUCH MUCH lower position than almost everything else on the list. This dumbass doesn’t realize that most other peolpe don’t have the same daddy issues (Gay Dad) magnified by his church (Mormon) as he does.

  • Rikard

    It is so disheartening to be a Utahn and see the douchenozzles we send to Washington. It’s bad enough when they are obviously evil like Orin Lestat Hatch, but Bennet is like a Jr High Social Studies teacher who doesn’t understand what’s wrong with a text book thats a decade out of date and just seems a little dim in general, and Chaffetz is just a backward, small minded, buck toothed cliche. They don’t even have the open public support for this stuff everyone thinks there is. The mormon way of dealing with controversial social politics is to sigh and wring their hands about it, not wanting to cause a fuss. It is largely motivated to curry favor with midwest and southern evangelicals. Mormons want a president SOOOO bad, but they can’t do it as long as christians keep calling them non-christian cultists. Even our lone Congressional Democrat is a puling, limp disappointment. It’s like stupid is to Utah as potatos are to Idaho.

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