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NOM Frowns on Iowa’s Long Tradition of Courts Ignoring The Will Of Voters

The more times I replay this new National Organization for Marriage (and, ahem, the American Family Association’s ad that’s running in Iowa, the more I fall in love with the state’s “activist … liberal, out-of-control judges” and want to move there to vote for ’em. Is that allowed? Or is that an example of activist voters?

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  • adam

    Pisses me off so hard. This is one of few reasons I’ll be voting this year (since I live in Iowa).

  • Jeffree

    “Activist judges” is a coded expression meaning “judges who I disagree with who make decsions I’m against.”

    The opposite is a “Heroic Judge.”

    Let’s all keep that distinction in mind!

  • slobone

    Unfortunately it looks like there won’t be any campaign to counteract this ad, since nobody has stepped up. But Iowa voters are usually pretty level-headed, and they understand that you can’t kick judges off the bench just for making decisions you don’t agree with. I hope.

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