NOM Hag Maggie Gallagher Ends Syndicated Column After 17 Years

maggie_gallagher_thEven as same-sex marriage hit a snag in Illinois, we got some good news on the equality front: Maggie Gallagher, the founder and former head of the National Organization for Marriage, is ending her venomous syndicated column after 17 years.

More than 17 years ago, I set out to explain how a Yale-educated young woman from a secular Oregon family could become a social conservative:

Every life is precious. It is better to care for your children than to kill them. Divorce hurts children; it also breaks apart life’s most precious commitment — a family.

Men and women are different. A society that pretends otherwise is not going to raise boys to be loving, reliable family men. Marriage is about settling for less but raising up an ideal much bigger and more important even than the most urgent whispered promises of romantic love.

Sex makes babies. Society needs babies. Babies need their mother and their father. Men and women need each other. We all need a strong marriage culture, whether we choose to marry or not.

If it is true that sex makes babies, then that is clearly the most important thing about sex, the thing around which a decent person or society will organize sexual values, behavior and norms.

If they saw clearly. If they were only told the truth. For of all the ways adult society can abandon the young, one of the worst is to ignore the key adult task of creating and sustaining a larger meaning for sex and sexual desire for young people.

Don’t worry haters—Gallagher plans to continue spewing bile on her website, MaggieGallagher.com

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  • dracukon

    I love that she references being Yale-educated and then equates abortion to killing children in nearly the same sentence. Oh Margaret.

  • Harley

    Me thinks someone needs to get laid!

  • Cam

    NOM’s fundraising is down by over a third. Even the Mormon chruch is trying to back away from them. Maggie got dumped because they couldn’t answer questions about her background and now she loses her column.

    Being a bigot sure doesn’t pay the way it used to huh Mags?

    Oh one more thing Maggie, since again, you’re such a traditional marriage kinda gal….

    Why don’t you use your hubby’s last name?

    Why aren’t you and he ever together?

    You know…just asking.

  • erikwm

    Read the third paragraph.

    What’s missing there? Any discussion of women or girls.

    Her worldview is still dominated by the fact a boy got her pregnant in college and then wanted nothing to do with her. She blames society for it.

  • bmwblonde

    Poor obesely hideous dimwit. Poor Never-took-responsibility-for-
    her-own mental and spiritual issues. What’s NOT original about her
    is that so many people never “wake up.” What IS original about
    her is that she chose to so THOROUGHLY humiliate her self, via
    her display of her CRAZINESS in public — projecting (duh, and
    of course) her self-hatred out, as a Hatred of The Other (or
    rather, her obviously throbbing fantasies of The Other). Again,
    the woman combines embarrassing mental problems with astonishing
    exhibitionism. Calling Dr. Freud, where are you?

  • 1EqualityUSA

    There are other ways to “make babies.” And equating decency with heterosexual values, behaviors, and norms is demeaning to LGBT, born with orientations that are different from your own. We are equal Americans and you and your heterosexual (?) orientation are not better than we. Superiority is unbecoming. Snap out of it, woman!

  • Little-Kiwi

    Maggie Gallagher and the Westboro’s Shirley Phelps have something in common – both had children out of wedlock. And out of guilt have decided to attack LGBT people and couples to *atone* for it.

    Maggie, had your son been born in a previous decade he’d have been unfairly labeled a Bastard for life.

  • Hillers

    Food was made for sustenance, not comfort. Society needs nutritional sustenance. Babies need food. Men and women need food. But we do not need to overindugle in it. That’s why sloth is one of the seven deadly sins, Mags.

    I mean, I hate to play the body-shaming card, but don’t drone on about the idealism of marriage when you and half of the country can’t even seem to live up to it. Sounds like a pretty failed experiment to me.

  • horace

    I wonder how much she weighs in at.

  • Guillermo3

    @horace: You read my ming,horace! I was hoping the obese slob could have a massive,long-lasting fork nary explosion…..I’sn’t Gluttony onr of the 7 deadly sins?

  • Guillermo3

    @Guillermo3: Bad Typing!!! That should have been “massive,long-lasting coronary explosion”.Still,”fork nary” has a certain ring to it.

  • 2eo

    So does she need some help with rolling back into the ocean, because the army usually deal with this sort of thing here in the UK.

  • Marco

    Who would want to be married to someone who publicly proclaims “Marriage is about settling for less”? Poor Mr. Srivastav!

  • Jack E. Jett

    i can’t imagine being her husband and having to sleep with that everynight. certainly he doesn’t fuck her. if i were him, i’d fuck a melon before i fucked that slob slab.

    on the upside, i beat she makes an awesome meatloaf.

  • biguy

    way to squander an education, what a wretched bitch


    @Guillermo3: Though, there is no point in body shaming someone just because I find there opinions abhorrant…. fork nary, made me laugh! We must make forknary happen.

  • Cam

    @Jack E. Jett: said..

    on the upside, i beat she makes an awesome meatloaf.”


  • Guillermo3

    FORK NARY MUST HAPPEN IN 2013-14-15-16!

  • Dugdigger

    I can never get over how much she looks like a toe. It’s shallow of me sure, but every time, there it is.

  • Guillermo3

    @Dugdigger: Makes total sense,Dugdigger.With Maggie,I smell somrthing EVIL AFOOT!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Thumb with a wig.

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