NOM Has A Million Other Things RI Gov. Lincoln Chafee Could Be Doing With His Time

The National Organization for Marriage, which has a problem with Gov. Lincoln Chafee serving office because he won the election, doesn’t want Rhode Island voters to stand for this nonsense of him wasting time trying to secure civil rights when he had a budget to pass. Won’t anybody thinking of the TICKING CLOCKS?

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  • Cam

    Whenever NOM’s name comes up, I have to ask the same questions.

    Maggie Gallagher, as a representative of an organization advocating for “Traditional Marriage”…

    Why are you seen in public with no wedding ring?
    Why did you not take your husband’s last name?
    Why are you and your husband rarely in the same city?
    Why are not not having a traditional family?

  • Andrew

    Apparently protecting a minority groups civil rights is a waste of time. And apparently our politicians are so dimwitted, they can’t deal with more than one issue at a time. At least, according to NOM.

  • Andrew

    @Cam: Let’s not forget that 1 Corinthians 11 clearly says she should be wearing a veil. She is disgracing GOD!

    Then again, this is one of the few occasions where I actually may agree with the Bible. Please Maggie, put on a veil! I don’t want to have to see your ugly face.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Andrew: And please make it a full body lead veil.

  • divkid

    cam says of maggie gallagher: “Why are you and your husband rarely in the same city?”

    can you blame him?
    who wouldn’t want at least one buffer state between you and the risk of those beef curtains getting parted.

    catholic body shame and fat fold hygiene neglect make for a toxic combination.

    let’s pray we’re all taken up in the rapture before she parts them again!

  • Soupy

    I’m more concerned about the souls of everyone who has popped a shrimp in their mouth. It is an abomination, and they are going to hell.

  • kernelt

    @Andrew: couldn’t agree more… :D

  • AFruit4Thought

    What’s really scary is people actual believe this stuff. Our politicians work on scores of issues each day, and they seem to be doing just fine. And there is never an appropriate time for minority rights…that’s why they’re the minority. The majority can always come up with something more important that should be dealt with first:
    -we can’t help the queers now, there is a budget crisis.
    -we can’t help them now because we’re at war.
    -we can’t help them now because there is a toothpaste shortage.


  • Brian Miller

    This is actually a huge sign of weakness on NOM’s part. Their arguments against marriage equality used to be “if two women can get married, our children will be raped by their teachers and turned gay, and society will collapse.”

    Obviously, a majority of people in Rhode Island think that argument is nonsense — and they’re surrounded by states that have had equal marriage for years with no ill effects. NOM’s “we need to focus on other more important issues” ad is a fundamentally weak message and the ONLY one they think has a snowball’s chance of success — a sure sign they’re losing.

  • Jeffree

    If NOM believes that SSM shouldn t be a priority, then why the heck do they spend ALL their time on the topic?

    If they want to support opp-sex marriage so much, then they should get adultery and divorce made illegal, right? Oh wait, that’s not gonna happen because so many members of congress are divorced & are chea.ting on their wives. (I’m not aware of female reps/senators doing this, just the guys !)

  • Casey

    I agree. Let the people vote, I would be pissed if the governor of my state was wasting time doing this crap than fixing the state’s financial woes.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Casey: You live in a republic. You don’t get to vote on everything. Besides, letting the people vote would just add to the state’s financial woes.

  • Brian Miller


    Yeah! Let the people vote on socialized medicine, tax rates for wealthy Republicans, and whether to go to war in Iraq too!

    (Ooops, that argument quickly f*cks over the right wing doesn’t it?)

  • AFruit4Thought

    @Casey: Actually, if the people vote, it will take more time and money than if marriage equality passes in the legislature. Both sides will spend time and money advertising and converting voters and then meeting with every legislator to discuss their opinions. It cost over $80 million to argue Prop 8 in California.

    Plus, the state will have to spend its own time and money arguing over how to put the question on the ballot, how to word it, and how to address it in simplistic terms so that people can understand the legal mumbo-jumbo.

  • SanFranJeff

    In November, 2010 — 67% of voters in RI, VOTED for a Gubernatorial Candidate who SUPPORTED MARRIAGE EQUALITY. This issue is settled – the majority of voters have already expressed their SUPPORT!

    If Rhode Islanders get tricked into allowing a state-wide vote, prepare yourself to become part of the most deceitful campaign ever waged against the freedoms of Rhode Islanders in the 375 year history of this great state.

    NOM (National Organization of Marriage) and the AFA (American Family Association) are ready, willing and able to spend millions of dollars flooding the RI airwaves with the most outlandishly FALSE campaign this state has ever seen.

    In California, where I now live, NOM and AFA and several other right-winged extremist groups cleverly created a campaign of PHONY CONSEQUENCES of GAY MARRIAGE. These hate groups diligently and deliberately lied to California voters — and these same bigoted organizations are prepared to do it again.

    They will claim:

    Lie # 1. Priest’s sermons will be criminalized;
    (Marriage Equality has no influence on priest of their sermons)

    Lie # 2. Churches will lose their tax exempt status;
    (Marriage Equality has no influence on churches and does NOT force churches to marry gay couples if they choose not to)

    Lie # 3. Homosexuality will be taught in elementary school;
    (A homosexual curriculum does not exist in the public school system)

    Lie # 4. Doctors will be forced to operate on homosexuals;
    (Marriage Equality has no bearing on doctors, or the laws doctors already must abide by)

    Lie # 5. People and Religion will lose its free will;
    (All People and Religions are still free to accept or reject Marriage Equality by either not getting gay married, or simply sending regrets if ever invited to a gay wedding.)

    When extremist organizations are prepared to spend millions of dollars to LIE DIRECTLY TO YOUR FACE, in order to scare you into voting against equality, you can respond by REJECTING their message of hate.

    * NOM and AFA lied in California … and got away with it.
    * NOM and AFA lied in Maine … and got away with it.
    * NOM and AFA lied in Iowa … and ‘almost’ got away with it, but the Iowa Senate is NOW blocking their effort to repeal marriage equality!
    * NOM and AFA lied in New Hampshire … and ‘almost’ got away with it, but the NH Legislature has decided NOT to act on repealing Marriage Equality.

    Don’t let NOM and AFA lie to you in Rhode Island.

    Tell NOM and AFA to get their National Campaign of Inequality, Exclusion and Hate OUT OF RHODE ISLAND because INEQUALITY, EXCLUSION AND HATE have NEVER BEEN, AND NEVER WILL BE RHODE ISLAND VALUES!

    PS: This is a video of a 19 year old boy who was raised by two moms in Iowa, and his words are very compelling:

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