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NOM Iowa Bus Tour Supporter Admits: Gay Marriage ‘Is Not Gonna Affect Me Personally’

More (painful) hilarity from the Iowa anti-gay bus tour spearheaded by NOM and FRC: One gentleman railing against same-sex marriage in Iowa — or rather, the Supreme Court justices who legalized it — admits legalizing gay unions “is not gonna affect me personally,” but “to me it’s the threat to future generations.” The “future generations” being his children and grandchildren whose own marriages will be threatened by bisexual marriage! trans marriage! Space aliens who descend on earth to steal our water!

As as for the conspicuously low turnout of supporters, one woman insists that doesn’t matter, because God and an “innumerable company of angels who we cannot see physically” attended.

Goodness, NOM’s Bus Tour Audience Sure Knows A Lot About Gay Sex And ‘Disease Carrying Threats’