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NOM Is Very Careful Not to Make the Debate About ‘Morality’

Because the Washington Post is incapable of a reasonable with National Organization for Marriage director Brian Brown, let’s turn to Michelangelo Signorile, who does the obvious: Prove, that just like NOM’s Rhode Island chief Christopher Plante, these people are trafficking in misinformation and hypocrisy. But hey, it’s nice to see Brown is willing to talk to homosexuals.

Listen very closely, however, to where Brown challenges Signorile: on morality. Brown’s NOM has been very careful not to make the marriage equality debate about religion or morality. This is on purpose, and this is how NOM is eager to frame the conversation. Instead, it’s about these “institution of marriage” and “strengthening families” things. Brown is not a stupid man. A terrible human being, perhaps, but not stupid.