NOM Just Released Their New Antigay Game Plan, And It’s Not Pretty


Can you even bear to look at what the National Organization for Marriage is up to now? You must, unfortunately, because there’s a chance it will radically transform your life.

Just when you thought they were gone for good, NOM is back with a “plan” to reverse our progress. How successful are they likely to be? Probably not very. Their money is drying up, and they have few avenues to pursue. But with this election, there’s going to be a brief jolt in their fundraising, and they’ll have new collaborators in Congress who may be able to force through some terribly anti-gay legislation.

Nice work, gay republicans.

They have four goals: first, they want to get conservative justices appointed to the Supreme Court. There’s a chance (unlikely, but still) that the court could see a marriage case at some point in the next few years. And there’s an even greater chance that it will see a case about nondiscrimination — so a court of NOM-backed homophobic justices could be a death sentence for us.

NOM also wants to rescind the executive orders that let you visit your partner in the hospital, and protect you from being evicted for being gay if you have public housing.

They want to reverse the administration’s policy of withholding federal aid from countries with a poor record on LGBTQ rights. This one is huge, and could embolden countries that want to pass kill-the-gays bills.

And they want to pass a bill known as FADA, which is essentially a nation-wide turn-away-the-gays bill. If this happens — and there’s a good chance it will — it may soon be legal for anyone to refuse to do business with you because you are gay.

So, that’s what we’re up against, here in the greatest country on Earth. It may seem terrifying and hopeless, but remember: we’ve been up against worse before. And we have more allies on our side than any time in history. We’re going to have to work hard and stand up and fight together — but we’ve done it before and we can do it again. We’ll end NOM soon enough.