NOM Pays People To Like Them And Hate Gays On Facebook

Louis Marinelli—the guy who once ran the National Organization for Marriage’s Facebook page before quitting them and supporting gay marriage—has claimed that NOM pays people to support them on Facebook. And this revelation shocks who exactly?


As social media manager for the National Organization for Marriage, Louis J. Marinelli, the then 24-year-old behind the “Protect Marriage: One Man, One Woman” page, was asked to put together a “SWAT team” of people to comment in favor of NOM’s content and opinions. “There was a system where we would track what they did and they would accumulate points…. We were working on a program where they would redeem those points for prizes,” said Marinelli.

The group also planned to create media teams in key 2012 election states who would be asked to take online actions as well as attend events or write letters to editors, according to Marinelli. When he resigned on April 7, he said about 15 people were on the online astroturf team…

NOM did not respond to multiple follow-up interview requests for comment about the so-called SWAT team.

Wow. NOM is like the unpopular kid at school who has to promise his classmates candy and lunch money just so they’ll hang out with him; except this time that unpopular kid is also a bigot… and about 50 years old.

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  • Scott Rose

    Queerty should pay people to say that although there are many very cute hippopotami, the professional gay basher Maggot Gagginwhore is not one of them.

  • mbachmann4pres

    What a load of bullshit.

    This is just more lies and propaganda from a tiny tiny fraction of the population who demand their depraved lifestyle choice be legitimized through the laws.

    You’ll never be normal or equal, EVER.

  • Scott Rose

    @mbachmann4pres: Now Maggot Gagginwhore is supporting Michele Bachmann for President?

  • gregger

    This is no surprise as most of us knew about it months ago. They also pay people to go onto sites and post garbage, see the above post by that a$$wipe promoting that stupid bigot above.

    We had a hell of a time during the run up to the NY Senate vote for marriage equality. We were dealing with the multiple fake Facebook accounts using a permutation of this one woman’s name. NOM had people working in shifts the one that came on Wd,Th, & Fr from 3pm to about 9:30-10pm was especially insane. By her actions and words she helped those of us countering the NOM bile by employing hate speech. We got more than four of the profiles taken down by Facebook.

  • Henry

    News item: NOM’s 50 year old limp penis attracts straight people. Meanwhile, gay people still prefer hard penis.

  • Rob Foster

    I’ve “liked” NOM’s Facebook page and it’s a real hoot making (intelligent) comments to everything they post.

  • gregger

    @mbachmann4pres: bwaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahha.


  • christopher di spirito

    Maggie the Cow looks like she devoured every person on Facebook then returned to eat all the donuts at Krispy Kream.

  • Pete n SFO

    Still… you gotta hand it to ’em. They find dimwits w/ nothing but time on their hands & hit as many sites as they can, not just on gay-themed sites, but in most of the on-line newspapers as well. You can’t deny that many people would prefer to have someone tell them what to think, rather than trying to empathize or understand something different.

    The GOP has SO successfully mastered disseminating a message in media; have you never noticed that they all suddenly use the same buzz-phrase immediately?

    And NOM certainly leveraged prejudice in the Prop 8 removal of personal rights, while the gays & their media consultants never took the gloves off.

    Despite all their efforts, the more gay images in the media, the less unknown & less scary anything ‘gay’ becomes to the nation as a whole. Can’t come quickly enough.

  • randy

    Ob viously, NOM is tracking Queerty, because everytime he writes about them, someone comes in with the usual “you are all perverts” garbage.

    Which of course merely proves that NOM isn’t so much anti marriage equality as they are anti-gay in general.

  • Scott Rose

    There really isn’t any fate horrible enough for Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown and similar monsters. If a flying elephant took a dump on Maggot Gagginwhore’s head, for example, and then crash-landed on her elephant-shit-splattered body, it couldn’t happen soon enough. Gagginwhore and Brownshirt are circulating yet another gay-bashing “pledge” to Rethuglican presidential “hopefuls.” The pledge calls for a presidential committee to investigate threats against gay bashers! Imagine that! Isn’t Maggot a clever Gagginwhore? Meanwhile back in reality, where the marriage equality movement is consistently non-violent, Maggot Gagginwhore has joined the efforts by her fellow gay-bashers to see gay New Yorkers’ marriages ANNULLED. And the hateful obese hippopotamus wants a presidential committee to invetigate threats against gay bashers? Like it isn’t a threat to innocent human beings, that you are working to have their marriages annulled, when they love each other, and are supported by their heterosexual parents, sisters and brothers and other relatives in that love? Like Maggot Gagginwhore isn’t threatening the loving heterosexual parents of married gay people, when she is threatening to have those loving gay people’s marriages annulled? That fucking piece of hateful, stinky shit should tell it to the Horse Marines. We should be calling for a presidential committee to dance on Maggot Gagginwhore’s grave when she dies. NOM is an anti-gay hate group; and defining anti-LGBT hate speech isn’t that hard to do. Anything other than full acceptance of one’s LGBT fellow citizens, and support for their full legal equality, is anti-LGBT hate speech. The matter really is not complicated! NOM is a hate group.

  • Dallas David

    @mbachmann4pres: I’m sorry (well, not really sorry), but your best efforts for the so-called “heterosexualization of America” are doomed to go down in flames.

  • Chris

    Lots of groups, for one, offer up stuff for random people that like or share their Facebook postings. I really don’t see much difference with the idea of earning points for liking something that you can redeem.

  • Scott Rose

    @Chris: is not exclusively about making money, the way Maggot Gagginhore, Hate’s Hideous Hooker is. If Maggot Gagginwhore couldn’t make money off political gay bashing, she wouldn’t be involved with political gay bashing. only has to exist because of all the gay-bashing, money-grubbing Maggot Gagginwhores out there. Unline Maggot Gagginwhore, has not vowed to have loving couples’ marriages annulled.

  • JR

    @mbachmann4pres, there is a special place in hell for people like you and Maggie Galleger (or whatever name she’s using now). Hope you enjoy it.

  • Rbayse

    They HAVE to pay people to like them because no one does.

  • Zen

    Is that Miss Swan from MAD TV?

  • bab


    “You’ll never be normal”

    I love my abnormalities very much, thank you <3

  • Orion

    @mbachmann4pres: I smell troll. With a comment and display name like that, WTH are you doing on a gay website?…closet case. :/

  • Shannon1981

    Like this is surprising. Also, the Bachmann troll’s presence in this thread in unsurprising. They are so pathetic they have to track internet snark blogs because they have nothing better to do than watch people in their down time congregating with like minded peers online.

  • Riker

    Wow, this is almost as bad as the Church of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs, which has (poorly) paid staff who go around everywhere their cult is mentioned on the internet and promote them/attack their detractors. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if an OSA goon finds this comment and shows up here (Louanne? Nice to see you again! NYCanon says hello!).

    But I digress. People like Maggie Srivastav are the reason we need to push harder for full equality, not just under the law but in the eyes of society. We need nationwide ad campaigns, radio/tv commercials, newspaper advertisements and letters to the editor. Pamphlets handed out at churches showing how we’re not a threat to them. Speakers to go to high school and share their gay bashing stories (more than just Judy Shepard). We need to fight fire with fire. The more money they shell out to spread their hatred, the more we have to give to counter it with a message of love.

  • Maggie Gallagher

    My pussy stinks!

  • Shannon1981

    @Maggie Gallagher: How is that possible? It isn’t like you’ve ever had sex besides that one time to procreate. When the deed was done, the baby’s daddy left you. I am quite sure your marriage to your current husband is one of sordid convenience. This would explain why you are never seen with him in public, you never wear your wedding ring, and you never use your married name.

  • Scott Rose

    The Southern Poverty Law Center included NOM on its winter 2010 list of anti-gay groups. Specifically, the Center concluded that NOM has continued to propagate “demonizing propaganda aimed at homosexuals” that are “based on known falsehoods.”

  • Scott Rose

    I personally think Maggie Gallagher does well to stay away, physically, from gay and lesbian married couples. I am single. But, imagine you have married somebody with the intention of spending your lives together, and then along comes this political gay-bashing hippipotamus of a creature, with an intention to have your marriage invalidated. The end result where she succeeds is that of course you remain with the one you love but you don’t have equal rights with heterosexual couples and legally you’ve been dealt this cruel humiliation. How could a married gay or lesbian couple physically in the presence of Maggie Gallagher not want to slam the vicious gay-bashing piece of shit through a wall? Nobody has attempted legally to invalidate her marriage – and no gay married couples have done anything bad to her – so what the fuck is the gay bashing hippopotamus doing, agitating to get their marriages legally invalidated? Who the fuck does she think she is?

  • mak

    She’s a FRUMP!

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