NOM Pays People To Like Them And Hate Gays On Facebook

Louis Marinelli—the guy who once ran the National Organization for Marriage’s Facebook page before quitting them and supporting gay marriage—has claimed that NOM pays people to support them on Facebook. And this revelation shocks who exactly?


As social media manager for the National Organization for Marriage, Louis J. Marinelli, the then 24-year-old behind the “Protect Marriage: One Man, One Woman” page, was asked to put together a “SWAT team” of people to comment in favor of NOM’s content and opinions. “There was a system where we would track what they did and they would accumulate points…. We were working on a program where they would redeem those points for prizes,” said Marinelli.

The group also planned to create media teams in key 2012 election states who would be asked to take online actions as well as attend events or write letters to editors, according to Marinelli. When he resigned on April 7, he said about 15 people were on the online astroturf team…

NOM did not respond to multiple follow-up interview requests for comment about the so-called SWAT team.

Wow. NOM is like the unpopular kid at school who has to promise his classmates candy and lunch money just so they’ll hang out with him; except this time that unpopular kid is also a bigot… and about 50 years old.