NOM Pledges $500,000 In All-Out Effort To Kill NJ Marriage Equality

The National Organization for Marriage is determined to kill New Jersey’s gay-marriage bill after Democrats announced yesterday they were championing the measure as a top priority this session.

Though it claims poverty, NOM will spend $500,000 (roughly 10% of its annual budget) to “support legislators who stood to preserve traditional marriage and hold those accountable who impose same-sex marriage” in the Garden State.

NOM’s head attack dog, Brian Brown, acknowledged that their bribery donation is somewhat unnecessary, as Republican Governor Chris Christie will likely veto the bill after it passes through the Democrat-controlled House and Senate. But, Brown wrote on the NOM blog, “even though the Governor has pledged to veto the legislation, we are committed to holding legislators accountable for their own views and will work to assure that he never has to exercise his veto power.”

That’s not to say marriage-equality activists should give up the fight—quite the opposite.

LGBT legal expert and New York Law School professor Art Leonard told Queerty:

There is symbolic value to having the Legislature pass a bill authorizing same-sex marriage even if the governor vetoes it. The symbolic value is increased if some Republicans vote in support of the bill, but even if it passes on a party-line vote, it is helpful to mainstream the issue in the state. In California, the legislature twice passed same-sex marriage bills that were vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger, but the very fact that the Legislature had twice passed the bill gave the issue an important measure of legitimacy.

Hear that, Jersey? Pass gay marriage in the Legislature and stay too legit to quit.