NOM Publishes Route For Their “Marriage March” Parade Of Hate

national org for marriage

The National Organization for Marriage has posted the route for its March 26 Marriage March—where up to dozens of people will block traffic and cost local police departments thousands in overtime—all in the name of depriving other Americans of the rights endowed to them by their Creator.

In a twitter post, @NOM even suggests yanking your kids out of school for this promenade of prejudice:  “Make it a road trip by bringing kids, siblings, friends, even co-workers to Tuesday’s #MarriageMarch in DC. Let’s celebrate #marriage!”

It’s gonna be a real convocation of haters, including:

* San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone (Let’s hope he’s not driving to the parade)

* Christine Boutin, president of France’s Christian Democrat Party (Because who has more right to weigh in on the American legal system than a right-wing French politician?)

* The Ruth Institute’s Jennifer Roback Morse, who demands gays and lesbian adhere to lifelong celibacy

* State Sen. Ruben Diaz, who says having two gay brothers and a lesbian granddaughter doesn’t change his feelings that the LGBT community doesn’t deserve equal rights.

* Iowa Family Leader director Bob Vander Platts, who says homosexuality is a health risk on par with second-hand smoke.

* Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America, who insists marriage equality will lead to “wholesale destruction of our society’s moral foundation”

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