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NOM Responds To Being Told To FCK Off: Is This How Gay Advocates Will ‘Indoctrinate Our Kids’?

Guess who’s got a problem with Luke Montgomery’s promo videos? The National Organization for Marriage, of course. Letting kids tell haters to FCK off is a gross exploitation of children, you see, and their attacks on Christian fundamentalists just makes things worse. But if you sign NOM’s petition, there will be sunshine and butterflies in the world again.

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  • DC Steve

    I just sent NOM a nice polite email thanking them for making me aware of the FCKH8 campaign, and for all the free publicity they are giving it.

  • David

    Fuck NOM.

  • Steve

    And these propaganda, hate-spewing idiots wonder why kids are telling them to fuck off…

  • Jim Hlavac

    What NOM and FRC and the rest of these nuts jobs miss, as do so many other Americans, is that just some tiny percentage of people will be gay. It neither goes up or down, but just is about 5% of boys and less of girls. You can’t recruit people to be gay, or change fine heteros into gays. We just are, and always were, and always will be. And when they come to that conclusion they’ll be oh so much happier. Meanwhile, if they shot us all tomorrow, by 9AM the next day some new crop of gay boys and girls will come to the conclusion that they’re gay and it’ll be the same percentage as it always was. But if they’re so damn worried & sure about the “largely unexplained mix of developmental factors” (as the FRC & the Pope puts it) that make us gay — then it behooves them to explain it. Go set up a national commission to study why people are gay — so they can nip in the bud (they think) this horrendous problem they believe we are. But no, even to study why people are gay is “promoting homosexuality.” These people need to get productive jobs and stop trying to make a living by castigating gay folks.

  • Rick H

    Finally! The people that need to see this video will! Thanks NOM LOL

  • Steve

    From the religious point of view, it is easy to explain: God makes some people gay.

    From the evolutionist point of view, it is almost as easy: The tribe is more likely to survive if some of its members are gay. We don’t yet know exactly why.

    From the point of view of rational people: NOM and FRC are both hate groups, right up there with the KKK. They will gradually lose influence and membership, until they have none of either.

    From the point of view of the FRC and NOM: All of the above is cause for alarm.

  • samthor

    if my kid is confronted with bullies and hate spewing adults who say stupid things like “die in a fire you fag” or “you’re family is going to hell” damn right this kid has my permission to use the “F” word and tell them to “fuck off”

  • Sceth

    Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Fckh8 is the epitome of that, and it immediately shot gays in the foot when it came out, but we need to point at the exploitation of younglings in NOM’s videos too. It would be nice [wishful thinking, ik] for a lot of gay groups to denounce Montgomery’s campaign — an elevating touch of class. And then do exactly the same Re: NOM.

  • greenmanTN

    Whereas the kids who appeared in the “Gathering Storm” TV ad, pretending to cower in fear of the scary “Gay Agenda” were fully informed participants? Uh-huh, right.

    Hey, kids usually adopt their parents’ views at least until they’re older and can make their own decisions. NO ONE in the conservative Christian movement has any place throwing stones about the indoctrination of children. They have it down to a science, making religion and the church central to all aspects of their children’s lives and threatening them with eternal Hellfire and damnation if they dare to question it.

    So yeah, they should Fuck Off.

  • David

    I saw the video a few weeks ago and thought it was good, except the kids. They could have left the kids out of it.

  • Tallest

    Those didn’t look like friendly christian side hugs…

  • pete N sfo

    I dislike the kids having been put in the video… for this very reason. Right, wrong, indifferent; you had to know this would end up in the larger media.

    It just means more time wasted defending ourselves in the larger conversation, from a group that is itself indefensible. Somehow we manage to give them the higher ground.

    Not everyone ‘gets it’ and the F H8 video doesn’t help move people to our side, quite the opposite.

  • brandon H

    Did anyone else find this hilarious?

    The lady’s ominous doom and gloom followed by that little girl saying “I will fuck you up!” seemed like pure Daily Show.

  • Gorbeh

    Yup, I knew it, just a matter of time before they countered the FCKH8 video by saying we’re “indoctrinating” children. While the video did have a good message and intent, I always suspected it would do more harm than good because of the inclusion of the children.

  • Red Meat

    Why is NOM exploiting those kids that were in the pictures at the end? They might be gay or not support NOM’s hate values when they grow up. Stupiiiid.

  • Adam

    I understand what FCKH8 was trying to do, but I did think it was a little much having the kids cursing in that video.

  • kayla

    I’m pro gay marriage,but that is definitely exploitation of kids. That’s just stupid, it’s also really, really bad P.R. dumb fools!! Giving propaganda gifts to the likes of Beck, O’reilly and NOM is not really helping the cause…stupidity has no ideology…

  • kayla

    Call me a prude, but I wouldn’t want my kids on a video cursing incessantly. What the fuck were those parents thinking anyway? The video is completely and utterly counter-productive. It’s certainly not meant to change hearts and minds. Just preaching to the choir in a rather vulgar fashion…I wonder if FrC, aftah and NoM actually paid the people who made it…

  • DR

    Co-sign with those who suggest this video has a point. Watching children (some of whom don’t even look ten!) spew the “F” word over and over and over in a threatening manner (“I will F you up”, really?) was nothing short of exploitation and done for shock value. The campaign itself is kinda trashy when it’s adults, but should never have included children.

  • Franky

    It probably helps to curb the population a bit.

  • Franky

    And I knew this was going to bite us in the ass. The campaign was all well and good but adding in children was risky. They probably should’ve been made to say anything other than “fuck”…

  • DC Steve

    @Kayla: the presence of the kids gives me a bit of an uncomfortable twinge but I think that’s part of the intent.

    The kids are important because the whole campaign is about kids, they are the ones on the front line, some of whom will be victims of bullies, some of whom will have to decide whether they are going to step up to help a classmate who is getting harassed, or whether they are going to be rubberneckers at the fag bashing. The video is partly to get kids’ attention, to give the queer kids courage.

    There’s a difference between indoctrination and teaching a kid good values, and to me “accepting and standing up for people’s right to peacefully live as they choose” isn’t about propaganda, it’s not a partisan thing, it’s about basic human decency. And I know that line between good values and indoctrination can be blurry and slippery, and I think the kids in the video are precisely a recognition of that — the cursing kids are a message that “we know this is sort of crossing a line but it’s that important”.

    And of COURSE O’Reilly / Beck / etc. could have a field day with this, but part of the beauty of the campaign (as evidenced above) is that it’s so big and bold that it’s really really hard to spin it as anything other than what it is. And really, is that the worst they can dig up about the equality movement? When I can point to scary shit like Kids in Ministry (everybody should see the documentary “Jesus Camp”) — there are evangelical extremists in this country literally raising their children as “soldiers of God”, gun range and all, and the worst propaganda you can dig up about the equality movement is talking some kids into saying “don’t be a fucking bully”?

    It’s a rallying cry, and like any good rallying cry it serves two purposes — to energize and encourage your allies, and to scare the shit out of the opposition.

  • Max Campbell

    I like this project!!!!

    Homophobia sucks (and not in a cgood way).

  • McMike

    The extreme irony of NOM using kids to further their “radical agenda of hate” is lost on them I’m guessing.

  • Daez

    I’m not really sure why either video needed to have the exploitation of children.

  • Jess

    Actually. I think that the FCKH8 campaign is offensive. Not to me but if I were a semi-christian on the fence thinking Gay marriage MIGHT be OK after all……It might make me stray the other way. I think the Love Conquers Hate is much better but saying Fuck over and over again does make us look bad. Sorry but it is true. I have a FCKH8 t-shirt and I don’t want to wear it in public.

  • Tallskin

    Whoaaa, YUCK, creepy lying christians.

    I feel slimed. Ucky, Uck.

    You know they’re so typically christian, piously throwing up red herrings (‘Oh, I’m so offended at your language’) to distract from the message of the FCKH8 campaign.

    Rather than actually addressing the issues that FCKH8 is raising they pretend offence in order to avoid the issue and to avoid answering for the hate that their christian morality has brought about in the first place.

  • Dr. Jameson Calvin

    Again our cause bites us in the ass because we stoop lower than those we are screaming are bullies. Using kids for shock value is absolutely improper.

  • Tallskin

    Dr Jameson calvin – please do explain how “our” cause has bitten us on the “ass” ??

    A few religious nutters throwing up red herrings does not see to me seem a bad thing, just shows how morally, intellectually bankrupt thine own fellow sky pixie worshippers are.

  • ewe

    tell maggot gallagher to sit on tony perkins face. They might both shut up.

  • Steve

    So these caring people have a problem with saying “fuck” but in no way criticize the actors for saying “faggot” or “queer” in a derogatory manner? Just thought that was (un)interesting.

  • Alex

    Has anybody understood the irony?! Think about it. That’s why fckh8 uses that word. It’s ironical and they want to underline the aggression of people who hate gays and lesbians.

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