NOM Sticks Its Big, Fat Nose Into Indiana’s Proposed Gay-Marriage Ban

indianamap2With all the excitement of marriage-equality legislation in Illinois and Rhode Island, Indiana’s prospective ban on gay marriage has been flying under the radar.

Indiana Senate President David Long (R-Fort Wayne) announced this week that he is “still deciding” whether or not to bring up for debate a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Long says he’s waiting to see how the Supreme Court  rules on two key marriage-equality cases.

“We will wait for that legal opinion, and the speaker and I will huddle again and talk about it, and we’ll talk about it with our caucuses,” Long told the Courier Press. The measure passed both houses of the General Assembly in 2011—if lawmakers approve the bill again before 2014, it will appear on a voter referendum in the November 2014.

But the National Organization for Marriage isn’t wasting any time trying to scrounge up support for the hateful Indiana Marriage Amendment. NOM honcho Brian Brown sent a plea to his drones:

The amendment was passed by the legislature in 2011, and needs just one more legislative approval before going to voters in 2014.

But gay marriage activists and their allies in the media are playing up opposition to the amendment — trying to persuade House and Senate leadership to postpone a vote on the measure. Most recently, a group of liberal clergy — representing groups such as the United Church of Christ, LifeJourney Church (a Metropolitan Community Church whose website indicates it was founded by “18 devout gay Christians”), and The Church Within, among others — gained airtime with a public letter urging the legislature to reject the marriage amendment.

With substantial Republican majorities in both houses, the amendment stands a good chance of passage if brought to a vote, but recent reports indicate that Senate President Pro Tem David Long (R-Fort Wayne) is hedging on whether he will allow the amendment to be voted on in the Senate.

Brown is asking members in Indiana to email their legislators, as well as Long and House Speaker Brian Bosna.  If this carpet-bagger nauseates you as much as he does us, consider donating to Equality Indiana or other regional LGBT groups working to get this bill killed.

And if you or your loved ones live in the Hoosier State, for God’s sake, contact your local representative.