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NOM to New Jersey: We’re Coming For You, Garden State Gays


Fresh off its victory in Maine, where it helped rape away the marriage rights of gays and lesbians there, the National Organization for Marriage confirms what we all expected: It’s taking its Church-backed dollars to New Jersey.

With same-sex marriage suddenly a top priority in Jersey — with supporter Gov. Jon Corzine, seen here signing the civil unions law in 2006, leaving office in January to make room for bigot Chris Christie — NOM indicates it’s going to put the state next on its hit list.

NOM president Maggie Gallagher, most recently seen sympathizing with Maine’s gays, says: “New Jersey is at the very top of our list, and it’s going to happen in the next few weeks if it happens at all. They’re doing it in a lame duck, because it’s as far away from an election as possible.”


While same-sex civil unions have been legal since 2006 in New Jersey, their recognition has been found to be unequal to marriage. And while a lame duck legislative session might be enough to get marriage equality on the agenda, it’s unclear what NOM’s strategy in Jersey will be, aside from encouraging supporters to phone legislators and lobby them to vote against it.

And pushing misinformation campaigns about teaching butt sex in schools.

UPDATE: Focus on the Family also says it’s headed to Jersey.

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  • mark

    jersey queers

    Gallagher = Hoffa

    you know the routine

  • terrwill

    MARK: Where do we send contribtions for to pay for that “assginment”????

  • terrwill

    What a vile, hateful, nasty, old sexually repressed cunt Maggie Gallager is……….Can someone please hire a private investigator to dig up dirt on this vile witch?

    What is so damm frustrating is that her traveling band of hate is so gladly funded by the rightwing-nutbag zealots. This cunt reportedly made something like $250,000.00 the last few years.
    When is karma gonna catch up with her fat, disgusting, cottage cheesed filled celluite ridden ass????

  • YellowRanger

    She’d look lovely in a pair of solid cement loafers.

  • vernonvanderbilt


    She’d still float. She’s extra-buoyant.

  • terrwill

    Hmmm last time they were building a stadium in NJ, they found “preferred seating” for Jimmmy Hoffa…………..Seems to be a new stadium being constructed now…………just sayin……

  • PopSnap

    Haha, she can’t do shit, because they don’t have a referendum process. The legislature there is packed with bleeding heart liberals who will be more inclined to listen to people who genuinely want to marry than “THA BAAHBLE SEYS HOMASECKSHULS ARE EVVIL”

  • Cam

    She is WAAAAAAYYYY too focused on gays for somebody supposedly straight and focused on their family. I would not be shocked if it turned out that she had gotten dumped by some woman in college and is now bitterly getting back at gays everywhere.

  • Forrest

    I have a novel idea..let’s not play into NOM’s hands again and hand them another victory. Over 30 losses it’s time to retrench and change strategy.

    I don’t care how “liberal” NJ is supposed to be. Maine and CA were supposed to be different too. The Catholic Church is very powerful in NJ. Christie is newly popular and the state legislature is not uniformly gay friendly. And could pass the needed votes to get an amendment on the ballot. We lose at the ballot box. And these pointless fights drain money away from othe issues.

    NO MORE….in CA,ME,NJ,OR or anywhere else.

  • Alexa

    That bitch better stay the fuck out of Jersey.

  • tjr101

    NOM has nothing to worry about really… there’s no way same-sex marriage will pass in the lame-duck session. Legislatures would not want to offend the incoming Christie administration and the conservatives who came out en masse to elect them.

  • Vo Dong Cung

    It’s funny thing in USA. The law been vote by parishers not by citzens. So do not ask any country about democracy or freedom of religion around the world. Religion don’t have any rights like this.

  • Brian NJ

    I think the NOM child ads in New Jersey will have the opposite effect on voters here than they did in Maine. Voters here are much more likely to laugh. They are going to really have to push the babies on the screen. Maybe they can hire that Republofuck tool who put “Baby Maggie” in the air during the health care debate.

    What sick perverts, using children to advance their christian conservative agenda. I hope gays never forget how badly they and their families were treated by conservative christians. Pure evil.

  • susanc

    Her bangs aren’t cute anymore.

  • LUV2BH8D

    Another $99 to N.O.M. on my Discover card. Money well spent and a cash back bonus to boot. Cha’ Ching….

  • Quake

    Don’t forget people take freedom for granted, 100 years ago it was interacial couples fighting for freedom. Once they got it they could give a fuck about their follow minority.

    People don’t love people, people love themselves.

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