NOM Wants Corporations To Support Anti-LGBT Employees. So How About Racist Ones?

Remember when Cisco Systems and Bank of America both stopped working with homophobic team builder Frank Turek because of his numerous writings against LGBTs? Thanks to the National Organization of Marriage’s new “Corporate Fairness Project,” both companies have apologized for their refusal to work with so-called “marriage supporters” who call gays “unhealthy” “illegitimate” “terrorists.”

Both companies have also promised never to terminate contracts with bigots ever again. Great! Maybe now NOM can convince them to rehire people with other “diverse points of view,” such as racists and anti-Semitics! That can only make companies stronger, better places to work for everyone.

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  • Cher


  • Shannon1981

    This is unbelievable. Two major corporations taking directives from one of the most hateful organizations in the nation? Nothing good can come of this.

    *makes note to not work for Cisco,ever, and to continue shunning BOA*

  • Kurt

    Gee, BoA should know alot about sodomy based on where their customers told them they could shove their $5 debit card fee.

  • B

    If you look at QUEERTY’s link it is not at all clear that NOM’s spin on what transpired is accurate.

    Cisco and BOA apparently affirmed their non-discrimination policies and stated that Turek could bid on other contracts.

    Keep in mind that there are a series of state laws regarding discrimination in the workplace, and some of these give more protection than afforded by the U.S. constitution
    (the “free speech provision in the California State Constitution grants more rights than the U.S. Constitution does, for example). It is illegal in California, for example, to fire an employee for supporting or opposing Proposition Eight as long as the support does not use company time or resources.

    What it all boils down to is that the lawyers sent NOM a carefully worded letter designed to reduce the possibility of a lawsuit. However NOM spins it, they’ll have promised only what they are required to do by law.

  • MattGMD

    One has to give the radical right credit for the patriotic and benign names they come up with for their schemes. ‘Corporate Fairness Project’ – fairness for some, ‘Americans for Prosperity’ – the prosperous One-Percent (bank rolled by the Brothers Koch), ‘Patriot Act’ – legislation to diminish legal rights, and on and on.

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