Nominate New Features for Queerty: Better Comments, Different Colors, a Calendar, and more

On Friday, we told you how you can control which news Queerty covers. (Hit “Recommend” at the top of any post you enjoy, and we’ll base our future coverage on what’s popular with readers.)

But did you know that now you can also tell us what features you want us to implement on We’re in the process of setting up a voting system that will allow you, the sophisticated Queerty audience, to nominate new features and vote on your favorite ideas.

It’s nearly ready to go live, but we’d like to get the ball rolling right now. What would you like to see us change, improve, eliminate, or expand on the site?

Bring back the “recent comments” box? We can do that. Not a fan of the color scheme? Want an events calendar? Better commenter profiles? Change the ad placement? The sky is the limit.

Tell us what you want to see in the comments, and then in a day or two we’ll open up some ideas for a vote. Democracy!

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