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NOM’s Brian Brown Has a Soul Only a Mother, Maggie Gallagher Could Love

The more we know about Brian Brown, the National Organization for Marriage’s executive director and Maggie Gallagher’s shoe shiner, the less we want to know. The “smiling bigot” doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page, which, fine, doesn’t mean he’s an unimportant conservative figure. It just means that having two major political gigs evidently doesn’t qualify you to be the victim of Wiki-bashing.

Here’s what Campus Progress‘ Emily Rutherford was able to dig up:

NOM is only Brown’s second political gig. Until 2008, he worked for the Family Institute of Connecticut, a non-profit advocacy organization that is now trying to overturn Connecticut’s marriage equality law, but in Brown’s day, the organization worked on opposing the distribution of condoms in public schools. FIC is very much part of the conservative establishment: It counts George, Institute for American Values president David Blankenhorn, and many other signers of the Manhattan Declaration, a pro-life and anti-marriage equality document, among the members of its advisory council. FIC is now affiliated with Focus on the Family, though it wasn’t when Brown worked there. In the 1990s, it lobbied to pass the Defense of Marriage Act. Brown’s move from Connecticut to California to work on Proposition 8 for NOM was a logical step.

After moving through the Bay Area, Princeton, N.J., Philadelphia, and regional offices in Maine, New Hampshire, Iowa, and New York to fight against same-sex marriage, Brown moved to Washington, D.C. in July 2009, when NOM opened its D.C. office. NOM doesn’t list their D.C. address. In fact, when Campus Progress went to the last-known address of NOM’s D.C. office, at 1100 H Street NW, the organization wasn’t listed as occupying the building, and the security guards said they had never heard of NOM. Instead the organization prefers to use its Princeton address and phone number.

But the Princeton office is empty and phone calls always go to voicemail—Brown and NOM may have liked the sound of an address across the street from a well-regarded, secular, nonpartisan university, but they have most certainly left the regional confines of New Jersey. In the past few months, NOM hasn’t just attempted to stop the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in the District of Columbia, but has also positioned itself as an organization with a national agenda. Its overall ideological platform is much more universal than the state-by-state marriage battles which brought NOM and Brown to prominence.

And here’s what our sleuthing has turned up: He loves trampling on the grave of equality.

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  • Lanjier

    What have you got to smile about when you have destroyed your families reputation for 700 years? Yea! I’m a famous bigot!

  • terrwill

    Once again the Queerty writers miss the mark by a freakin mile………..This subhuman scumbag has no soul…………..

    PS: With a fagface like that tell me you won’t find him getting his fat cottage cheese celluite infested ass barebacked by some disgusting old troll at the local cruise area………

  • cboy

    I remember this chubby charlatan from his days in Connecticut. I have spent a lot of time over the years listening to people give testimony as advocates before legislative committees and he’s got to have been among the ten worst witnesses ever. Last year a Washington Post stringer, for some reason, recently gave him a major print BJ, but it looks like he’s still just as ineffective as he always has been, thank goodness.

  • Suze

    All your base

  • Francis in SF

    The man is obsessed with repressing homosexuality in others and in himself. Remember kids, the louder the scream, the bigger the queen!

  • Cam

    What a simpering little douche….Why do the men in these organizations always look like neutered, impotent, mama’s boys? The spokespeople for the WEstborough Baptist church other than Fred Phelps himself is always a daughter or grandaughter and whenever you see any video of them men they are always kind of mealy mouthed. What is it about these organizations that completely castrate these men?

  • The Artist

    This guy probably has the tiniest penis, why even give him the time of day? Just continue to spread the word. PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • The Artist

    People lay down your funky weapon, come join us on the floor
    making love and music’s the only things worth fighting 4
    We r the new power generation, we want 2 change the world
    The only thing that’s in our way is u
    Your old fashioned bigotry, your old ideas
    we’re sick and tired of u telling us what 2 do


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