NOM’s Brian Brown: Mitt Romney Has Always Been Against Gay Marriage

I was in Connecticut during the 2004 Massachusetts fight. [Romney] was very strong, he spoke at rallies, he was strong the whole way through. Were there some people that were disappointed that he didn’t just, by fiat, say, ‘We’re not going to obey the judges!’? There are always people that do that, but in the real world, Romney went above and beyond.

“He’s always been a strong supporter of protecting marriage, and he was an early signer of the Marriage Pledge. We obviously believe that he will follow through in his commitment; I don’t see why anyone would say otherwise.”

National Organization for Marriage Executive Director Brian Brown, telling Buzzfeed something we kinda already figured out.  Regarding the Log Cabin Republicans, Brown said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t take them that seriously.” Join the club.

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  • Little-Kiwi

    Brown has 8 children.

    he will bury at least one. it’s disgusting. this man would rather attend his own son’s funeral than his wedding to another man.

  • Mjl-428

    Gee, Tell me something I don’t know :0

    1: We knew that Mitt Romney didn’t give a damn about the Gay Community. Damn near everyone watched the Republican Primaries, and sat there as Him, and competition stood silent when that Army Captain was booed, and when the candidates began answering questions specific to the LGBT community.

    2: LCR and the GOProud have never made a lick of sense. and anything that claimed to do for the gay community I’ve yet to see it. They got their money, and want to make sure that they don’t pay taxes and will keep mum on LGBT issues, and stand against anyone who fights for them. Gay, they are NOT!!! Because no matter whether you’re a republican or a democrat, when the opportunity comes to help your community and you stand against it (and I’m not referring to Obama), you’re a traitor through and through

    3: As much as I hate Brian Brown (strong and ACCURATE word), I agree with him that the organizations mentioned in 2 are delusional to think any different. But then again, they probably knew the whole time and decided they just wanted Obama to be defeated this year. I think they even would’ve endorsed Bachmann or Santorum if by some sick stroke of luck they won the primaries. 1 word to sum it up: PATHETIC

  • 2eo

    They hate America, these NOM and GOP cretins hate everything in the constitution, they resent freedom and aspiration and they hate education and the will to better yourself.

    They want the working class to be slaves and worthless statistics in some war over oil, and nothing else.

  • Guillermo3

    @2eo: 2eo,You’re right.That’s
    why we must do everything we can to stop them!It’s unlikely that
    they,and the RNC will be prosecuted in the Hague for their
    crimes against humanity,SO:VOTE to ensure the defeat of fascism!!

  • Daniel-Reader

    Log Cabin Republicans are a good organization for one reason. They bug rightwingers like Brown. Log Cabin Republicans can do outreach to the 1/3 of Republicans who support marriage equality at the moment, a ratio which grows day by day through outreach and engagement. Remember even more Republicans than that support nondiscrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations, etc. so continued engagement is important. So Log Cabin Republicans do serve a purpose. For independents like me, Log Cabin Republicans also serve as a reminder when voting to judge each Republican on their own merits regarding their support for full equality and to avoid the Republicans who do not support full equality.

  • Daniel-Reader

    Sad he makes his living violating the human rights of others. Does he expect others to uphold his human rights? Anyone ever ask him that?

  • nevereclipsed81

    Well clearly they know he is going to lose. Just keep telling yourself that Brian, if he had martyred Gay people he would have won.. yeah yeah yeah. Because he didn’t already think to do everything he could have to win.

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