NOM’s Maggie Gallagher Claims She’s Still Married To Raman Srivistav. Show Us Proof!

After GOP gay Fred Karger hit Maggie Gallagher with accusations that her husband was fictional/nonexistent, Buzzfeed was more successful in getting a response out of the NOM co-founder than us.

Writes Buzzfeed:

Gallagher laughed when asked about Karger’s speculation, and said “I think I would know better than Fred.”

Gallagher, who was a single mother for years after college, says she married her husband Raman Srivastav in Arizona in 1993: “We are still married and living together. He’s a very private person.”

“They just make up all kind of stuff about me,” she said. “It doesn’t really matter. I could be divorced and I still could not be for gay marriage. I don’t really see that it’s relevant. It is a fact — I am in fact married. I’ve only been married once. I am not about to get a divorce.”

Whatever. We won’t believe it still she produces some actual proof. We’re like birthers on this shit. Give us papers, Maggie! We want your marriage license! Photos of you with him! Produce!