NOM’s March For Marriage Might Well Be The Swan Song For The Antigay Right

March for Marriage ButtonToday is the March for Marriage in D.C., which would more aptly be called the March Against Your Marriage.

The event, sponsored by the increasingly superfluous National Organization for Marriage, is a who’s who of religious-right dinosaurs trying to deny that that their days are numbered. Among the speakers:

And the list goes on.


Just for kicks, San Francisco Bishop Salvatore Cordileone will be in attendance too, despite being urged by California lawmakers not to attend. The bishop was kind enough to write a letter insisting that “The March for Marriage is not ‘anti-LGBT’ (as some have described it); it is not anti-anyone or anti-anything.”

No, of course not. It’s a total coincidence that the march features people who have fought tooth and nail to deny lesbian and gay couples a fundamental right.

Here’s the thing: how many more of these marches can NOM sponsor? It’s not just a question of finances, which are running low. It’s a matter of turnout. This type of opposition to marriage equality is already a fringe position. Even Republican politicians like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker who once campaigned against marriage equality are distancing themselves from the issue, because they know it’s a losing issue.

The momentum is moving so swiftly toward national marriage equality that any future march will seem like the equivalent of a rally to bring back Prohibition. Assuming that the Supreme Court finally acknowledges the right to marry, NOM and its ilk will have officially and irrevocably lost. The aging leaders of the anti-marriage movement will either dwindle away into insignificance or move on to other equally offensive battles. Today they’ll be preaching to the choir. In a few years time, there won’t be a choir to preach to.

Photo credit: March for Marriage