NOM’s Really Struggling In Oregon

nom_logo_brian_brownThese must be dark times at the National Organization for Marriage headquarters. We assume they’re all frantically polishing up their resumes, all terrified that they’ll be the last ones left to turn out the lights when there’s simply no work left for them to do. Their latest debacle: an attempt to intervene in Oregon that’s quickly going sour.

Lawsuits against Oregon’s marriage ban have been plodding along since late last year, but it’s only just now that NOM’s managed to try to get involved. Last week they asked the court for permission to intervene, and also requested a delay so they’d have time to get up to speed. The judge in the case basically rolled his eyes at that, refused to delay things, and told them they’d have a hearing in a month to determine what role — if any — they should have in the litigation.

NOM’s already working at a big disadvantage in Oregon. The state Attorney General announced weeks ago that the state would not defend the ban, which means that until NOM’s tried to get their foot in the door nobody was defending it.

If the court upholds the ban, Oregon organizers will likely move ahead with a ballot measure to overturn it in November. But if the ban is overturned, they might not need to. There’s a lot riding on this decision for Oregon’s gay couples, and also for NOM’s ongoing credibility.

In other marriage excitement this week: various reports about how much marriage equality would add to states’ economies; a new lawsuit in Georgia; and a marriage ban is unconstitutional in Texas.

Also, watch South Dakota this week, since we may see a new lawsuit there in the next few days. Yay South Dakota!

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  • Cam

    And HRC told us all to sit down, shut up, stay out of the courts, to keep sending them money and to trust THEM to worry about gay rights a few years ago.

    Glad nobody listened.

  • sweetbrandigirl2004

    HRC is a waste of time and so ten mins ago. They take millions and do nothing except throw big fancy dinners for their rich friends at the little guys expense. They have outlived their usefulness.

  • RayJacksonMs

    I hate the HRC as much as anyone. I also hate to admit it but they are they only organized effort in Mississippi right now. The local groups are scattered and powerless. The local If You Are Buying, We’re Selling is …..cute. It would be great if that wasn’t the only action going on. As a standalone it is weak and kind of apologetic.

  • walterhpdx

    There’s two sides to everything to be honest.

    Back in 2004/2005, I was so very angry about Oregon’s Prop 36 that I wanted to do something – anything – to get this blatantly discriminatory constitutional amendment removed. I first gave money to Basic Rights Oregon, the Oregon chapter of the ACLU, HRC, and others. And then I started to push them. The National ACLU never responded, and neither did the HRC. The Oregon ACLU said that they were deferring to Basic Rights Oregon. So I pushed there – hard – and was told, “We need to start on an education campaign; we’re not interested in lawsuits.

    At that point I stopped giving to these organizations.

    Then the incredible Sam Adams, Mayor of Portland, invited my partner and me to a presentation by Evan Wolfson’s Freedom to Marry. They were at the forefront, though they, too, were criticized for not pushing more in North Carolina. Still, they seemed to be the one organization that actually “got it” and knew we’d have to push for both education, movement from the courts, as well as at the ballot box/through our civic leaders. And they won – time and again.

    It’s then that BRO, ACLU, and HRC “woke up”, I believe, and started actually doing something.

    BRO has been at the forefront of the effort to repeal Prop36 here in Oregon now, as well as continuing their education. The ACLU has finally decided that they need to be a part of this, and is joining in lawsuits to get discriminatory laws thrown off the books. And HRC is now setting up offices in the South, where there is the largest pushback against gay rights of any kind. They’ve learned that you have to play both sides of the table in order to get things done. And now that they have, I have absolutely no problem giving these organizations money.

    Looking forward to the death of Prop 36, and marrying my partner of the last 22+ years soon!

  • SpunkyBunks

    NOM is irrelevant. They didn’t even bother fighting in New Mexico. The HRC is useless too. Its a way for rich people to pretend they’re doing something by throwing extravagant parties at the expense of the donors. I cringe every time I see one of their bumper stickers driving around town.

  • Mezaien

    @Cam: In 1999 I have posted this ” Christianity is a mental illness there for Christian are mentally ill”. They have blocked me from their web site fighting NOM! never money from me that for sure. PS, I have degree in behavioral Psychology.

  • Alton

    Now, now…the HRC is AWESOME at providing parties for Democratic candidates to boost their liberal cred; instead of actually fighting to pass, say, ENDA, they can get their picture taken with a handful of gays! So it’s not fair to say the HRC’s good for NOTHING.

  • EGO

    NOM is gradually sinking and will eventually be forgotten just like the other erroneous groups of the past. Oregon will soon join the rest of us as will the other miss-informed states. I would like to see Idaho join as well, then the Pacific Northwest will be complete, like the Northeast.

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