Non-Gays Go All Gay For The Sake of Art

With all the hoopla over fag deficit on network television, we were particularly intrigued by a piece from The New Yorker‘s critic’s notebook in which Joan Acocella yaks about the City Center’s upcoming production of Russell Maliphant’s “Torsion.”

For those of you who don’t know (don’t feel bad, we didn’t know, either) – “Torsion” revolves around the relationship between two men. Inextricably linked, the men dance together in pretty intimate variations (eg: the picture provided). In her piece, Acocella suggests that “Torsion” may mark a new era in the male dance duet. She writes:

Before the nineteen-eighties, male-male partnering was a rare sight on the dance stage. With gay rights, we started getting more male duets, but they tended to be narrow in feeling… With time, however, the male duet has grown larger, subtler. [In “Torsion”] The two men seem to be dancing about their friendship.

The dancers featured in this particular production, Michael Nunn and William Trevitt, boast heterosexual relations as part of the advance press, leading Acocella to conclude:

The two men seem to be dancing about their friendship… Just as with hip-hop, the minority story is being picked up by the mainstream – a sure sign that it’s arrived.

See, GLAAD? There are positive images of gays out there – just not on tv and, well, not gay.

To see “Torsion” for yourself, head on over to The New York City Center this weekend
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