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  • 7

    Now this isn’t my scene, but those guys aren’t exactly what comes to mind when I think of ‘bears’.

    And yes, the gay kind of bears.

    And no, not Baloo.

  • Predator

    Ew. Not because of the way look. The honey looks gross.

  • Cam

    Those are bears?

  • demonyc

    bear notes: gerald mcculloch on the left is bearish, and stephen guarino has a beard in the movie, but joe conti in the center is not a bear but a twink in the movie. don’t judge a movie by it’s next cover!

  • David K

    Came for pictures of bears.

    Leaving disappointed.

  • scott ny'er

    yeah, i’m questioning the bear name and these guys connection, as well. not seeing it.

  • Hilarious

    They all have plucked eyebrows. Ha.

  • Mountainword


  • alejandro

    im gonna see this movie! it’s in a few weeks at a film festival in my city :D so excited :P

  • seanboy

    A beard on a man does not a bear make! The term “bear” is thrown around so loosely these days.

  • BearHunter

    I’d like to see a movie about Bears.
    I guess this isn’t the one.

  • Eric

    @BearHunter: try the Spanish movie Cachorro (Bear Cub in English).

    And yeah, apart from one beard, there’s nothing bearish about those guys. 0 for 3, Next, 0 for 3…

  • Rob

    This cover is just TLA’s mass marketing. This movie is a love letter to bears. It’s totally about us and our lives and I dance my fat ass on a box in it, so go see it. It’s not your standard crappy gay film. Think ‘Trick’ for bears.

  • Jeff

    Ummm they’re in the same pose as the True Blood cast? GG rollingstones

  • Baxter

    @Rob: “Trick for bears”? So it is your standard crappy gay film?

  • merkin

    wow–and here all my bear friends tell me how less judgemental and lookist the bear community is. But then i see all these post screaming how these aren’t true bears for whatever reason.

    I saw BearCity–these are three of the main stars of the film. Who else do you want them to put on the magazine cover? Random guys who look more “bearish”?

  • Ran

    OH, that’s honey. I couldn’t tell what it was. Mmm, not he best picture. I guess I’ve been in a different bear-country. They look very … different.

  • tonyd

    Guess they couldn’t fit 3 real gay bears on the cover?

  • dvd-junkie

    Gerald McCollough looks so sexy with his beard! And those grey temples… I’m going weak in the knees.

  • AdonisOfFire

    So what are the requirements to be a bear? be hairy and be obscenely obese?

  • scott ny'er

    @AdonisOfFire: Actually, what you stated was what I thought the requirement was. The dude on the left was what I thought some peeps consider a cub. I, of course, could be wrong. I always got confused about these labels. Like twinks, bears, cubs, bull-dyke, lipstick, etc.

  • Caspar

    I’ve seen this movie – it’s a LOT better than I’d expected!

  • AdonisOfFire

    @scott ny’er:
    I guess so! the guy on the right has those crazy gay eyes that would make anyone’s gaydar go full volume.

  • Diya

    @AdonisOfFire: Wow, a post where you aren’t bashing Muslims. Do you take weekends off from living under the bridge?

    Kidding! Not.

  • tazz602

    These are not bears, not even cubs, despite being in that bear movie – maybe, just maybe the one on the far left –

  • Jaroslaw

    For anyone who cares, just saw the movie yesterday, it was actually pretty good. Joe Conti is a slim youngster who is coming to terms with liking bears since all his same age buddies think it’s gross.

    My only problem with the movie is that while it touches on the subject of extreme obesity from a medical perspective, it just as quickly completely dismisses it. Sorry but it is not healthy to be 450 lbs. And I’m hardly a twig myself, so I’m not being judgemental based on appearance.

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