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‘Nontraditional’ Lesbians Win Battle To Swim In U. of Memphis Pool (As A Family)

Memphis’ CBS affiliate WREG refers to the Love family — made up of Edie Love and her four biological children from a previous marriage, and her wife Tamar, who is now the children’s second mom — as a “nontraditional” one, even though mixed race, same-sex, adoptive parent families are looking pretty standard these days. And because their 2008 union isn’t legal, the word “marriage” is in quotes. That aside, it’s great to see them reporting on the Loves’ struggle with the University of Memphis, which denied them a family pass to its recreation center because their relationship isn’t legal — or as legal as the university requires. The upside? The university saw the light … after public outcry.

Score one for “nontraditional families”!