Noose Image New Low For Anti-Obama Set

Oh, sick! Apparently fueled by leftists allegedly to inject “imagined” racism into the presidential race, a conservative blogger created this horrifying image.

In case you can’t read the fine print, it reads:

The Fucking Solution: Do not consult a doctor. Tie the rope tight. Do not try this at home; go somewhere where no one will find you. Do consumer alcohol while using this treatment. Do no sedate yourself. Do not care. Do not say goodbye. Do it now.

The blogger, who has since removed the image, says he created the image to fight fire with fire. He or she removed the post because it was being misread or some shit:

The point of the posting was being lost and the post itself was becoming the story. Which I never wanted to happen.

The point is, I made the far left have a knee jerk reaction. I also gave them something to talk about.

Again, as I stated in the actual posting itself, I never, ever wished any harm come to Obama, at all. I was simply making a point and doing exactly what the left is doing to Sarah Palin.

Hoping to preserve the ugliness, Washington Scandal reprinted the original post.