Normalizing Homosexuality Simply Too Much for the Vatican


You already know the Vatican doesn’t see gays in favorable light, refusing to join other European countries in signing a United Nations resolution to decriminalize homosexuality. And while the Holy See is already an independent city-state, they’re now taking their fight to go it alone to a new level: The Vatican will no longer automatically adopt Italian law as its own … beginning tomorrow.

The Vatican will no longer automatically adopt Italian laws as its own when a new statute comes into effect on Thursday, according to Vatican daily Osservatore Romano.

Jose’ Maria Serrano Ruiz, president of the Commission for the Revision of the Code of Vatican Law, said the move was motivated by the ”exorbitant number” of Italian laws, as well as their ”instability” and frequent contrast with ”the irreversible principles of the Church”.

Although the Vatican is an independent city-state, its residents are largely recognised as Italian citizens.

Under the current statute signed by Pope Piux XI in 1929, Italian laws are accepted by the Holy See except in cases where there is ”radical incompatibility” with the basic principles of canon law, Ruiz said.

But the new statute signed by Pope Benedict XVI will mean all Italian laws will have to be examined by Vatican authorities before they are adopted as part of the city-state’s own legislation. [ANSA]

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  • Larkin

    religion kills.

  • REBELComx

    Pope Palpatine does it again.

  • CasperHI

    That is why people are leaving Religion in Huge numbers….Their reign of terror and fear is coming to an end …..GOOD…..Freedom from Religion in like a breath of fresh air!

  • kevin57

    This guy is too much.

    They elected a Nazi and that’s what we’ve got (speaking, sadly, as a Catholic).

  • horus

    Speaking as a happy to be ex catholic, i can only say the catholic church could not be be more insignificant in my life. I can put the evil they do behind me utterly. they just keep plodding along with the same old crap, blissfully ignorant of the world they inhabit. my most fervent wish(and one i will work for till my last day)is that the united states starts taxing the bastardi.

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    And don’t forget that the Roman Catholic Church is reportedly agitating for NEW legislation in Ethiopia to criminalize Gays in Ethiopia. This was AFTER the Vatican said that it was opposed to Gays being thrown in prison for being Gay.

  • TikiHead

    Didn’t Mussolini’s government declare the Vatican an independent city state? Why can’t that be revoked, in the name of anti-fascism?

  • Kevin

    Hmmm…let me see if I get this “straight”: The Catholic Church had a very expensive problem with child sex abuse precisely because of their lack of transparency and insularity. Now they want to further isolate themselves from civil society and hole up in their walled “city-state” that is financed by people who actually work for a living and live in the real word?

    Is this priesthood relevant to any reasonable Catholic any longer?

  • Pope A-hole the XVI

    The pope and RK church is supposed to be about love for all people! Have you noticed how Ratzinger has been making calls to all and sundry to stop the crime perpetrated by Israel on the Palestinians?

    Not a word out of her (sic)!

    Fuck her with a bargepole. (She’ll most definetely would enjoy that!)

    BTW. I salute these Israeli kids (Shministim):

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