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North Carolina City Commissioner Bill James: Repealing DADT Opens Up The Military To ‘Sexual Predators’


I hope Bill James — the Republican Mecklenburg County Commissioner in Charlotte, North Carolina — flagged his email to colleagues as THE MOST IMPORTANT EMAIL YOU WILL EVER READ (I believe that is the red exclamation point in Outlook) when he declared “homosexuals are sexual predators.” Oh Bill, keep up the pillow talk. I’m getting moist!

You’ll remember James as the fella who, during last December’s debate on recognizing domestic partnerships in the city, leaned over to colleague Vilma Leake and whispered, “You’re son was a homo, really?” (Leake’s son died of AIDS in the 90s.) He’s also the guy who emails constituents insisting gay sex is still illegal. So what got his gaydar beeping this time?

The email that will come back to bite him in the ass — or more appropriately, fester in his rectum — was a reply to Democratic Chairwoman Jennifer Roberts’ request to thank the region’s congressional delegates for supporting the repeal of DADT; she planned on forwarding that letter send to federal lawmakers including Reps. Larry Kissell and Mel Watt and Sens. Richard Burr and Kay Hagan.

That’s when James launched into his tirade, relays Q Notes: “Allowing homosexuals to serve in the US military with the endorsement of the Mecklenburg County Commission ignores a host of serious problems related to maintaining US military readiness and effectiveness not the least of which is the current Democrat plan to allow homosexuals (male and female) to share showers with those they are attracted to. … The US Government would not allow Hetero men and women to share showers and other personal facilities yet the leading homosexual in Congress (Barney Frank) thinks it is OK for homosexuals to do so allowing enlisted men and women to fall prey to higher ranking or more powerful homosexuals who ogle them (or worse).”

Looks like somebody’s been watching their Internet clips!

(James also said he’d “suspect Richard Burr will pay a high electoral price for his actions but whether it boots him from office next time is unknown,” about the lone Republican senator from America’s southeast to vote for repeal. “I know I won’t be supporting him even if he does have an R after his name.”)

A year after his first nationwide round of incendiary comments, and this man still has a job.