North Carolina Commissioner Bill James Has Called The Police About Your Threats


“People are entitled to their opinion, and that includes me,” says Bill James, the Mecklenburg County commissioner in North Carolina who called gays “sexual predators” who need to be kept out of the military. “I don’t expect people to (always) agree with me. It’s a political discussion and I wouldn’t have raised it on my own, but Jennifer (Roberts) decided to wade in on it,” James adds, blaming his colleague for inciting his remarks — which caused so many of you to write James with nasty comments that he’s contacted police about the threats he’s received.

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  • mikey

    fingers crossed … maybe someone will actually off the guy. go Team Charlotte.


    Once again proves the rightwing lunatic nutbag hatefull thugs are nothing but overgrown schoolyard bullies. The bullies love to intimidate and hurt others. As soon as someone confronts them and stands up to them, they cry like little bitches………..

  • scribe

    He is lucky he wasn’t sitting next to my mother, she would have slapped the shit out of him.

  • kiltnc

    Feel free to contact him:
    [email protected]

  • alan brickman

    Nice hate speech loser…

  • justiceontherocks

    This idiot thinks emergency phones are for reporting gay sex. See the link below to read this idiot’s scribbling about gay predators.

    Please don’t anyone harm him. Every time he opens his mouth we win.

  • mark c

    Someone called him on his little hate spew, and now he’s all afeared for his safety from the gays.
    I thought we all had little pink bows in our cutely cut hair, and I heard we didn’t like to get our manicured hands dirty roughing up douchebags like him?
    Now that we called it out on it’s crap, it runs to the cops and says,”help me please, the big bad homos are going to rough me up.”
    Who’s the sissy now, bitch?

  • ILoveDudes

    I basically don’t care for him or care what anyone from dopey North Carolina thinks. But he’s right on this one. Those Queertys and Towleroads and others making death threats should be dealt with legally. Certain gays have a habit of suddenly becoming brave once they’re safely behind the computer and like to bully with death threats. And no apologies when their targets turn out innocent. It happened to the Duke lacrosse guys (no apologies from gays afterwards), it happened to the Marines in Savannah (no apologies after), and especially gruesome and vile threats (including mutilation) were directed by gays at the girls in Kentucky (no apologies when the whole story cleared them). Bad gays. Bad people. Wasn’t it Gandhi who said…If one wants equality, one must prove himself worthy of it..?

  • ILoveDudes

    Mark C. : I’m sure he’s not afraid of the idea of a gay beating him up, but with death threats you never know if someone could take a shot at you or threaten your family.

  • Danny

    More than 1 out of 3 police officers have a gay family member.


    @ILoveDudes: You may wish to check your facts prior to posting such a broadside against the Gays……..The Duke lacrosse scandal was about four guys who were charged with hetrosexual rape of a Black stripper and ultimately found innocent due to an overzealous white prosocuter who was seeking re-election in an overwhelmingly Black district……..There was absolutley no Gay connection to that case……..

  • barbara welch

    thankyou bill! keep speaking your mind!!!!

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