‘North Dakota Bois’ Turn Katy Perry’s Candyland Into Cow Tipping Territory

It doesn’t have the obvious gay appeal of Ryan James Yezak’s “California Gays,” but “North Dakota Bois” (that’d be Ammon Miller, Ben Grassel, Karsten Pudwill, Devin Roll, and Kristen Stewart) surprisingly managed to keep the Katy Perry spoof machine fresh. Also, they spelled it “bois.” Homos.

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  • Toby

    There’s that many cute boys in North Dakota?

  • edgyguy1426

    There’s that many people in North Dakota?

  • Sceth

    The State that most often gets the fewest admits to MIT. Yum!

  • Mike L.

    Dorks usually messup my gaydar, I like the adorkable guy who sings the most in the vid though :)

  • Brian

    I used to live in ND.

    I got my ass out of there, but what scares me is that I’ve actually been to some of the places they were at, and I know one of them.

    It’s not a small world, but a really small state…

  • Ben

    Umm… All four of us are straight, haha.

  • Mike L.


    That’s great, doesn’t mean ppl wont thinking some y’all are cute though, straight gals or gay guys, lol.

  • tylertime

    Will these queens stop already with the bad videos? The first one last year to the Miley Cyrus song was cute and original. Now they just come off as screaming for attention.

  • caitlin

    for the record, none of them are gay and I’m friends with all of them. they’re just a group of guys with a good sense of humor and a love for music and good parodies

  • Mike L.

    Hahahah Ben and Caitlin prolly found this article on google when they googled North Dakota bois (I checked it’s top of the search) XD

  • Ben

    @Mike L.:

    Well That can’t be avoided, haha. =P Just wanted to set things straight.

    (No pun intended)

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    @Ben: Straight? Do you have to say that because you’re surrounded by in-bred rednecks? Because no “straight” boy would spell it “boi”. Perhaps you mean “straight” in the sense that gay-for-pay porn stars take it up the ass but still call themselves “straight” because they’re butch.

    Wait…just saw the video. You guys are more fey than Tina Fey. GAY, GAY, GAY!!

  • Tessie Tura

    Katy Perry used “gurls”, why couldn’t they use “bois”? I don’t really think that word is owned exclusively by us queers.

  • lookyloo

    This is a song parody. Ya know, they re-wrote and recorded the song with their own lyrics and vocals. It’s not the same, nor quite as gay, as men lip-synching to the actual Katy Perry song.

  • Mike L.

    @james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge: I for one belief that there are straight men who would do gay for pay porn and still are straight men (they just choose to engage in homosexual relations for a paycheck), just as there are closet case gays who will sleep with a bunch of women and that still wouldn’t make them straight, it makes them ppl who are afraid of being who they are and so engage in heterosexual relationships.

    That in itelf is a choice ppl make for whatever reason whether it be money or fear having nothing to do with their innate sexual orientation. Plus either way ppl get off anyway, and some straight men get to feel the pleasure of having their prostate stimulated :)

  • hephaestion

    Very clever video! They just put a very nice face on North Dakota for me.

    I really don’t understand the hostile comments here by James, Tylertime & Mike L. It’s a light-hearted, fun video these kids made to entertain everyone. Quit being such silly grumps!

  • Mike L.

    @hephaestion: I wasn’t being hostile, where did that come from :(

    I like the vid it was fun, I guess some of my comments might have sounded hostil but I assure you I wasn’t I was just being silly.

    And I’m not being hostile right now, just a little sad you’d put me in the same light as James and Tylertime, they were pretty hostile.

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    @Ben: Are you aware of the connotations of “boi”? Perhaps you should google it….it basically means you’re a gay, twinky, bottom. Ahem.

  • Mike L.

    @Ben: OMG ur still checking comments LOL

    Tell Ammon he’s adorkable (adorable dork).

    (Yes I know he’s straight, doesn’t matter to give him a complement tho).

    K I’m bouncing, peace y’all queens.

    P.s. hopefully 9th circuit doesn’t put a stay on the prop 8 ruling and mexico’s supreme court finishes off giving full equal rights on monday to it’s LGB citizens :)

    Pray ppl pray, or hope ppl hope (crosses fingers).

  • Ben


    ..Point being? The word “Bois” was used because Katy Perry used “Gurls”. Nothing more, nothing less. You’re interpreting things that aren’t there just so you can troll the interwebz, methinks. =/

  • Mike L.

    @james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge: Refer to comment No.14. and the fact that these straight guys didn’t know the connotation that gay guys know answers your question, lay off you’re being a complete douche (the comment in the article here was meant as sarcasm you’re taking too far).

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    @Ben: That doesn’t make any sense. Boi is the equivalent of Gurl because you decided it is??? Since google doesn’t work in North Dakota, here ya go…

    “Boi (sexual slang)
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Boi (plural: bois) is a term used within LGBT and butch and femme communities to refer to a person’s sexual and gender identity.[1][2] In lesbian communities, there is an increasing acceptance of variant gender expression and intersexuality, as well as allowing people to self-identify with labels such as boi.[3]”

    You’re welcome.

    @Mike L.: Stop kissing ass because you wanna get in his pants; he’s “straight”, dont’cha know!

  • Ben


    Haha. Whatever. Have fun living under your bridge, troll. I’m gonna go play some Zelda. Thanks for the views everyone!

  • Mike L.

    @james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge: It is very sad that you as a gay man (I assume) are using “gay” as a slur to try to make fun of others be them straight or gay, yes were sort of effeminate in the vid that in itself doesn’t mean they’re gay, you are going by stereotypes to which is a double blow. You should be ashamed.

  • Mike


    I thought it was fun clip. I knew nothing about North Dakota so this was actually pretty ‘informative’. lol. Stop being such a douchebag.

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    Whatever Mike. At least he’s educated about what boi means now (if he didn’t already know). Bye Ben. Don’t fall on any cocks by accident.

  • Mike

    @Mike L.:

    I agree completely. It’s disgusting. He should stop harassing people and find something better to do. It would be nice id we could have one article comment section without some dramatic, bitter queen being an idiot.

  • Adam


    And what’s wrong with straight boys acting campy? If a gay guy acts butch, does that bring his sexuality into question?

  • Mike L.

    @james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge: Wow and you expect every person in the world to know that, you are a self absorbed dumbass.

    I’m making the point that you are being stupid and making assumptions on the basis that you think everyone knows that “boi” is used within the LGBT community (the American LGBT community as far as I know). Well guess what not everyone knows that.

  • Mike L.

    @james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge: Dude just b/c I think Ammon is cute doesn’t mean I would want anything do with him, why? well he’s a straight man. I for one can control my feelings and thoughts, when it come to straight men sweety, I don’t let my thoughts wonder off.

  • McMike

    I watched the vid and they seem straight to me. The prettier a guy is the more likely he’s going to be having sex with other men and, while these guys are beyond do-able, they’re not exactly that pretty. Don’t get me wrong, I personally believe almost any man can be talked into it. Confidence is the most powerful sexual drug known to man and there are some of us who are quite confident in being able to turn people on.

    And, yes, by all means “thumbs down” this comment. Queerty needs to get rid of hiding comments due to low ratings since it’s, IMO, a form of censorship.

  • Kyle412


    Hmmm. I don’t think Ben is straight. Why in the world would a straight guy refer to another guy as a troll? Sounds more like a bitchy twink comment.

  • Michael

    If the only choices were sitting around and playing “Life” or making a goofy video, I’d go for the goofy video.

  • Ryan

    I just want to pipe in real quick.

    I loved the video, even if it wasn’t that “great”.
    I’m from North Dakota, a town called Minot. I don’t live there anymore. Graduated just two years ago and left for college elsewhere. I still visit. Was just there for the state fair; saw KISS in concert. It was great.

    I want to defend the guys in this video.
    I don’t know them, but their obviously from the Mandan-Bismark area. That’s the capitol and museum in that video; I myself was once in that same jail cell during a fifth grade field trip.

    I’m confused by all these comments. Assuming the guys in this are gay just because their dancing-if you call that dancing-and spelled it ‘bois’? That’s all it takes? I wasn’t aware that ‘boi’ is a gay slang term. I think it’s safe to assume most people don’t.

    I’m bi, and I think it’s safe to know I knew just about any ‘out’ and many in the closet gays. It’s a dysfunctional but close knit family we have up there. No Macy’s, no Bloomingdale’s, what else is there to do but drink and screw?
    I knew queers from hundreds of miles away, whether they were in Fargo, down in Wahpeton or Williston. Facebook, myspace, small rural town socio-dynamics. I would’ve known about these guys if they were actual gays. I think it’s safe to assume their not.

    Not everyone in North Dakota is a ‘hick’. Many of the young people are as modern and progressive as they come. These guys don’t look to come close to some of the farming boys I went to school with. Don’t confuse Texas with N.D. Obama almost took the state in 08. And there are no ‘queens’ or twinks in N.D. I wish there was, but I never found any.

    So seriously whoever is complaining about the video, just
    So seriously calm the hell down everyone, fuck.


  • CaliberBuy

    @james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge: c
    Nice way of being a self absorbed D. bag, I’m gay and I did not know that so why don’t you keep your own stupid theories to your self and stop bitching at people and being an harassing ass hole.

    I liked the video an thought that it was funny and cute. Good job guys!

  • REBELComx

    @Kyle412: Troll isn’t just a word used by us queers. In internet speak a troll is just someone who posts nasty insulting or outrageous comments on a website just for the attention and to start shit.

    If Ben says he’s straight, I believe him. I hang out with A LOT of straight geeks, dorks, and nerds. And most of them are not exactly the most macho, straight seeming bunch. But I admit, I am a little disappointed the boys in the vid are all straight…I really liked that one in the beginning with the thick rimmed glasses.

    Anyway, video is much better than the other parody of this song – Pennsylvania Guys…my home state.

  • Ammon

    Hey guys!

    I’m an ignorant half-Honduran kid obsessed with Weird Al who’s lived in North Dakota all his life. I had no idea what “bois” meant until we got on this blog. I just thought “boyz” was too obvious. Trust me, if I wrote a song about us being gay, you would know.

    And yeah, we’re all straight.

    For those of you who did, thanks for sticking up for all us dudes!!! And for those of you who didn’t…well, I’ll probably never meet you in real life anyway.

    So continue to argue or whatever. I’ma make myself a sandwich.

  • jason

    These guys look hideous in their dork shorts. When you’re at the beach, you’re supposed to wear minimal clothing, like Speedos. These guys look as if they’re wearing pajamas cut off at the calves. Ridiculous.

    Are they afraid of their own bodies, are they? Or don’t they want to appear sexy to each other?

  • CaliberGuy

    @jason: No ti’s calle they are wearing real swimsuits, not the typ of swimsuit that obviously a bitch narcissistic queen like you wears, because most people are more modest and not as full of them selves as you.

  • L.

    @edgyguy1426: There are sandy beaches in North Dakota? :)

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    @L.: Why is that? Because I pointed out obviously flamboyant homos are homos I’m a bad guy? I’m sick of flaming queens like these boys (who even call themselves “bois”, not boys) & every ex-gay queen denying the obvious. If you call that having a bad week, whatever.

  • jason

    This is simply camp fun. Calling it “gay” is the province of “gay”-obsessed douchebags who would see “gay” in a bird flapping its wings. Get over yourselves. Either you “gay”-obsessives are miserable repressed souls or you’re dysfunctional gay guys who spend all your time immersed in the pathetic gay culture instead of seeking warmth and knowledge in the broader real world.

  • AnessaPJ

    @Sceth: Just have to laugh. Have you any clue as to the number of people who live in ND? Plus, we have over 13 colleges, so we don’t need to leave to go to college. Ammond was class President. Smart kid.

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