North Dakota Says No to Queer Protections


“Friday, the North Dakota House of Representatives voted down Senate Bill 2278 54-34, thus stopping the addition of sexual orientation and transgendered persons to the groups protected by the state’s Human Rights Act from discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations. House members argued the bill down, stating that its supposed consequences were not in the best interest of the state and that there are more pressing laws North Dakota needs to worry about. This bill was previously passed by the Senate but with the negative vote, North Dakota will become one of 30 states that still do not have laws barring discrimination against gays and lesbians.” [Dakota Student]

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  • Jhames

    Sad, sad, sad. As a transplant to North Dakota, I’ve discovered that there is a lot about the state that is amazing… but this sucks. Boo, ND.

  • epluribusunumjk

    It’s a damn shame that I dropped 1500 going there for vacation last year. What a waste, I guess.

  • ask ena

    You forgot to mention the part where they describe the law which protects against discrimination based on race, gender and, YES, religion, is OK, but that sexual orientation is a lifestyle choice one is not born with, and therefore should not be included… unlike religion, which is NOT a choice and we ARE born with.


  • jiminportlandoregon


  • alan brickman

    and this helps the economy how??..

  • Interesting

    @ask ena: Actually, according to how things were taught while I was in high school…you’re born Jewish. Apparently it’s inherited through your mother or some nonsense. I thought the same thing, “how the heck are you born in to a religious belief?”

    Religion is going out the door I think, so eventually people will just say “what’s religion?” and there won’t be any discrimination laws regarding it because it won’t exist.

    You have a great argument though.

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