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Not a Single Icelandic Lawmaker Voted Against Legalizing Gay Marriage

The other day I received an email from a rep at the Icelandic Tourist Board, hoping Queerty would help shape coverage of Iceland more positively as part of the “Inspired by Iceland” campaign they’re working on. She suggested I share the above video with all of you, where Icelandic singer Pall Oskar talks to some gays about August’s Reykjavik Gay Pride. And now I’m thinking: Why didn’t you just wait and tell me about Iceland, the only country with an openly gay head of state (Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir) would see its parliament vote 49-0 to legalize same-sex marriage?

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  • Blake J

    A country not scarred by religion, OMG!

    I wonder what the weather and job opportunities are like.

  • Couldn´t Care Less

    Icelandic guys are hot….too bad the country is broke…

  • hyhybt

    @Blake J: As for the weather, the *name* says a lot :) Well, when volcanic activity isn’t melting the ice, anyway.

    Anyone know when the new law takes effect?

  • Ryanthehulk

    I’m already looking for apartments in Reykjavík, lol.

  • Bob

    Wow…men that hot….no wonder the ice-caps are melting!!!!

  • Faketroll

    God obviously caused the volcano to happen because of Iceland’s tolerance of homosexuality.

  • Robert, NYC

    Now we have 7 European countries on board, well done Iceland. Shame on the U.S.

  • Cam

    I’m going to make an effort to take a trip there. Good to reward places that accept us. I’d rather they have our tourist dollars then some gay hating places like Jamaica, Russia, etc…

  • christopher di spirito

    Good on Iceland! Once again, the good, Ole’ US of A is out shined by a smaller, more liberal nation, who makes America look like a bully with nukes.

  • Sam

    Yes, he’s cute and yes, Iceland is gay friendly, but before you get ready to pack, remember that the WHOLE COUNTRY has about as many people as Rockford, IL.

  • That Bitch Téa Delgado

    Well, I’m sure Iceland has a more slammin’ gay scene than Rockford, IL.

  • Chris

    @Sam: Iceland has double the people of Rockford, Illinois. And a documented history of more than a thousand years.

  • lamismaluna

    BRB moving to Iceland.

  • Mr Rodgers

    Do they have Long Iceland tea there?

  • Ryan

    For the record, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir is the head of government, not the head of state. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson is the head of state. And, by the way, even though no one voted against the law, 14 MPs abstained.

  • Robert in NYC

    Christopher di Spirito, No. 9….yes indeed, it does make the U.S. look rather backward.

    Argentina, Luxembourg and Slovenia currently have legislation pending, although Slovenia is “iffy”. I expect Argentina to legalize it and if that happens, I won’t be surprised to see Brazil follow Portugal’s lead.

    I expect Denmark to be next which will make Scandinavia an entirely same-sex marriage region, just like the Iberian peninsula comprising Spain and Portgual.

    What needs to happen now in Europe is for Sarkozy of France to be booted from office, along his counterpart, Angelika Merkal of Germany. If they get socialist governments and that could well happen, then I think both will legislate for same-sex marriage, there is a lot of support for it. That done, the EU Commission will have to rethink its policy of non-interference in the marriage laws of member states and could well usher in mandated same-sex marriage across the union. Imagine the implications of that for the U.S.

  • declanto

    As far as religion goes, it’s scandinavian brand Lutheran.

  • Erlingur

    @Ryan: Not quite – those 14 did not abstain, they were simply not present during the vote. I can´t speak for them, but I imagine had they been present they would also have voted for the law. There has been absolutely no vocal in-government opposition to this law since it was brought up.

  • Ryan

    @Erlingur: Point taken. Thanks!

  • Jorge

    What’s odd to me is that if none voted against it, why wasn’t the issue raised sooner?

  • Revemupman

    Nice victory but its a small one. Iceland only has a grave town population.

  • REBELComx

    @hyhybt: It may be a bit on the chilly side, but don’t you remember 7th grade history? Iceland is green, Greenland is icy.
    @Faketroll: Ironic since, other than evacuating a village or two, the volcano didn’t really screw up their economy much, just Europe’s and America’s.

  • Willhelmina

    @Revemupman: I´d rather live in a grave town, having all my civil rights than living in a big American city where I have no rights at all…

  • hyhybt

    @REBELComx: No, but I do have a good excuse: I changed schools the middle of that year, and since the books were arranged differently, I got some material twice and some not at all :)

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