Stupid what?

Do not ask Lady Gaga to perform leaked track “Stupid Love”

Lady Gaga
(Photo: Twitter)

As Lady Gaga fans know, a new track from the singer and actress was leaked on the internet a couple of weeks ago.

The January leak of “Stupid Love” came just days after a source revealed new material would be coming in February. Her record label acted swiftly to delete from social media platforms, and there’s been no official comment on whether the song is indeed her new single.

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Most fans were impressed, with “Stupid Love”, harking back to her dance-pop early-career hits. However, some may have been a little too impressed… and impatient.

On the weekend, Gaga performed a pre-Superbowl, AT&T TV Super Saturday Night gig. It took place at Meridian at Island Gardens in Miami, Florida. She did her two-hour ‘Enigma’ show, which she has previously performed as a Las Vegas residency.

As is customary at gigs, audience members screamed out the names of songs they wanted their icon to sing. And then one person reportedly shouted out a request for “Stupid Love.”


Gaga appeared to take a step back, make a “talk to the hand” gesture, and threw a look.

The reaction unsurprisingly prompted plenty of Twitter comments.

Other eagle-eyed fans spotted more “Stupid Love” adoration in the crowd, with one fan having their words written across their face.

The incident reportedly took place just before Gaga launched in to a performance of her song “Applause.” Despite this one hiccup, the rest of the night passed smoothly.

At one point, Gaga read out a letter thrown on to the stage from a fan named Kimberly. The note said that listening to Gaga had helped the fan overcome her mental health problems. Gaga then invited Kimberly to join her on stage for a hug.

The singer also asked audience members to donate to her Born This Way Foundation by using the hashtag #SuperSaturdayNight. For every tweet posted, AT&T TV pledged to donate $1 (up to $250,000) to the foundation. By late Sunday, it had hit that $250,000 target.

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