Not Compelled…

“A judge ruled yesterday that San Diego city officials did not violate the free-speech rights of four firefighters when they were ordered to attend last year’s gay pride parade in Hillcrest. The firefighters claimed that their participation while in uniform qualified as “compelled speech” under the state constitution because it could be construed as an endorsement of certain political messages. San Diego Superior Court Judge Michael Anello noted in a written ruling that citizens must accept some limits on their constitutional rights when they enter government service.” The firefighters also claim they were sexually harassed during that parade. A mistrial was declared last week on that charge and a new trial will begin next year. [San Diego Union-Tribune]

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  • alan brickman

    They were just looking for cash!! Any firefighter who doens’t realize they are eroticized by gays and straight women is just “playing stupid” for the big prize.

  • fredo777

    Sexually harassed = “Hey, baby, I’ve got a fire you can put out…in my pants!”

    And so forth…

  • Robert

    I disagree with the ruling and with Alan’s comment.

    I think that if they truly have an issue with homosexuality and don’t want to be part of a pride parade that is a choice (and who would want them to be forced to attend).

    Now if they were scheduled as firefighters (working at the firehouse etc.) then yes they needed to be there, however if on a float or ‘fire truck’ just for ‘display’ then no, absolutely not they shouldn’t have been forced to attend. Many gay/straight firefighters would have no problem volunteering to do this activity.

    Just my .02

  • Bill Perdue

    Now find a way to fire ’em. If they’re stupid enough to pull that stunt it won’t be too difficult.


    Agree with Robert completely.

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