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Not Even GOProud’s Christopher Barron Can Invent A Way To Defend Carl Paladino

The ultimate of gay apologists, GOProud chairman Christopher Barron couldn’t even bring himself to defend Carl Paladino’s Sunday remarks about those disgusting gays and their Speedo-saturated gay pride parades.

The New York gubernatorial Republican is “an embarrassment,” Barron told Ed Schultz (who was on a tear) yesterday. “If he’s going to act like a buffoon, he should be treated by the part and the conservative movement as a buffoon.” The comments “come from a man whose campaign is imploding.” And this ZING: “My dog has a better chance of getting elected governor than Carl Paladino.” (Even Mike Rogers, later in the segment, congratultes Barron on finally criticizing a Republican.)

Meanwhile: There is something Barron disagrees with Ann Coulter on.