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Not Even GOProud’s Christopher Barron Can Invent A Way To Defend Carl Paladino

The ultimate of gay apologists, GOProud chairman Christopher Barron couldn’t even bring himself to defend Carl Paladino’s Sunday remarks about those disgusting gays and their Speedo-saturated gay pride parades.

The New York gubernatorial Republican is “an embarrassment,” Barron told Ed Schultz (who was on a tear) yesterday. “If he’s going to act like a buffoon, he should be treated by the part and the conservative movement as a buffoon.” The comments “come from a man whose campaign is imploding.” And this ZING: “My dog has a better chance of getting elected governor than Carl Paladino.” (Even Mike Rogers, later in the segment, congratultes Barron on finally criticizing a Republican.)

Meanwhile: There is something Barron disagrees with Ann Coulter on.

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  • Kev C

    Carl Paladino doesn’t hate gays. He wants to liberate gays from their speedos. He’s like the Speedo Bandito, freeing gay maleness caught in the oppression of tight spandex.

  • Kernelt

    Good for MSNBC for standing up for what is right, spoke with righteousness…

  • robert in nyc

    Isn’t it amazing that the majority of antigay politicians are found in the GOP? I wonder why? I think its a bit late for them to distance themselves from Paladino, the damage has already been done. Paladino is the true face of the GOP, they all think like him but are afraid to say it so they let him do their bidding while pretending to feign disgust. Barron and his Log Cabin group are delusional thinking that their party will change, it won’t. Leopards never change their spots. Has he ever asked himself why the GOP has never authored an equality-related bill without any help from the democrats? Why would anyone gay man or woman want to vote for and support a party that is clearly not going to endorse the reversal of DADT, DOMA or the enactment of ENDA but kow-tows like some democrats to the religious right? Its mind-blowing!

    I find it rich that Barron claims that a lot of gay people are fed up with too much government involvement in their lives. The idiot doesn’t realize that without government intervention, there will be NO equality, no DADT repealed and no reversal of DOMA. I don’t see any republicans refusing medicare or social security, yet they’ll rail against universal health care as do the Log Cabiners, a to hell with you hooray for me attitude. What a bunch of self-serving bastards and so typically republican.

  • ewe

    I guess Paladino sending email pictures of girls fucking horses is acceptable to the hasidic jews. I wonder what kind of brainwashing message does Paladino’s thrill for bestiality sends to children?

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