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Not Everybody At CNN Loves Anderson Cooper’s Tight Black Tees

Well of course not everybody at CNN is as in love with Anderson Cooper as you people. He gets to travel all over the place (to disaster scenes). He gets to see his face plastered on buses and television promos (and newspaper ads from competing networks showing how they’re trouncing him in the ratings). And he still has a job while Campbell Brown, Aaron Brown, and yes, even D.L. Hughley have made their way toward the exit (though CNN boss Jon Klein is a notoriously fickle man). Speculation abounds that Cooper could fly the coop when his contract expires next year, which also doubles as a great contract negotiating tactic.

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  • Cal

    Anderson needs to leave the sinking ship that is CNN, but if they’re going to give him anything he wants to stay, how can he refuse?

  • IveHadIt

    Now ABC’s gay-in-residence, Jeffrey Koffman, is ALSO wearing black T-shirts showing off his guns. Oh the vanity, when will it stop!

  • christopher di spirito

    For at least a year, rumors have circulated that Cooper wants to replace Regis Philbin when his contract expires next year.

    Contrary to what the New York Post says, Cooper is not on CNN’s shortlist to replace Larry King.

    In any event, Anderson Cooper would be a perfect replacement for the ancient Regis. He could sit beside his BFF, Kelly Lee Ripa and the two of them can camp, and hoot and holla, and carry on for their adoring audience of middle aged hausfraus watching from home.

  • dvlaries

    Hey, Anderson is smart to show off that body while he’s got it to show. He’s over 40, and Nature jealously takes those kind of charms back from any man or woman soon enough.
    While you’ve got it baby, flaunt it.

  • counterpoll

    Predictions: Joy Behar will replace Larry King, Anderson will replace Regis, the View will end……….oh, Queeerty will go bust by September.

  • hampton

    You are all wrong! Anderson is replacing Katie Couric on the nightly news. Its a done deal. Poor Brian Williams will have to up his botox now and loosen up his wooden delivery. ABC will only be saved if they hire Perez Hilton (hee hee).

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