Not Everyone Was Happy About NY Marriage Equality… Just Look At NOM’s Bryan Brown

THE SHOT – Rich Murray with Queer Rising shot this schadenfreude-riffic pic of the National Organization for Marriage’s president Brian Brown weeping in the New York Senate galley immediately after the vote for marriage equality. Cry into that cellphone, B.B. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Brown had the craziest dream that involved outlawing New York’s gay marriages in about half a decade.

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  • dvd-junkie

    Looks like he needs a hug and something to suck on.

  • randy

    “It’s…it’s just so hard to hate people nowadays. All fun has gone out of it.”

  • randy

    Actually, he’s probably crying for his future. His Mormon and Catholic donors are no doubt QUITE upset with him, and he’ll have some ‘splaining to do.

  • Debs

    Is he crying or jacking off? Or both?

  • dazzer

    Michelle Bachman’s husband has just rung him and told him that now marriage is legal in New York, he’s gonna ditch the bitch and the two of them can get together legally. Brown’s lawye has just texted him the alimony payments…

  • Zee

    Haha…what a little bi’otch he is.

  • TMikel

    Ah, poor widdle Brian. Well, tough tittie, pal, you had best get used to it. You can solve a lot of your anguish by just coming out and embracing your inner gay.

  • Abel

    A word to the Headline Scriptor, don’t confuse Brian Brown with Bryan Fischer. They’re both evil hate mongers, but they belong to different Klans.

  • Quay

    How dare he!!! He has created a living HELL for others and he’s the one shedding a tear?!!! If I could hate him without affecting my own health I would. So I’ll just take extreme pleasure in watching him weep and wish his miserable waste of an existence all the pain he’s dished out times 10!!!! He does not speak for God, rather he has blasphemed his name! He most certainly should weep until he expires!

  • Billywingo

    @Quay: Welcoem to religion- the worlds best psychologisg- in the part of the field established in germany by old AH in the 1930s.

    who leveraged the religious hatred of the Jews that came by way of hte vatican over a thousand years. And hitler leveraged that hatred to get elected.and 55 million died

    bTw hitler was born and baptised catholic in very catholic austria in 1888

    And the church that babbles support of life has yet to excommunicate the worst murderer in history.

    In fact its nazi era born pope – another totalitarian, is trying to undo Vatican II, eg by going back to the Trinidine Mass which blamed the jews for Jesus murder.

    And why hasnt the church yet excommed hitler – I can only guess it would be seen as a tacit admission by the church that it was the cause of hitler gaining power.

    And its my understanding that Brownie is a convert from methodists (who are now mvoign toward supporting marriage equality) to catholocism.

    Maybe he can get a job now as a priest. Its all those children………………..

  • Erich

    @Billywingo Were you drunk when you posted this dude? I understand the sentiment, but it reads like a YouTube comment.

  • Cam

    Nobody who isn’t a raging closet case would be that emotional over this.

  • Kev C

    That’s actually pretty good photojournalism. I’d submit it to the Pulitzer awards (without the inset).

  • patrick L

    He’s crying because he realized he just missed last call at Boots and Saddle…..

  • Zeus

    Anyone who gets this upset over something that has NOTHING to do with them and won’t affect them at all is the real person with issues, not the “perverts” they are trying to prevent from getting married.

  • B

    No. 14 · Kev C wrote, “That’s actually pretty good photojournalism. I’d submit it to the Pulitzer awards (without the inset).”

    No Pulitzer – it isn’t clear if he’s even crying. He could merely have been moving the phone to his left ear and the picture was recorded right before it reached the normal position.

    Aside from that, it is a very funny picture!

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