No Love Lost Between Ann Coulter + World Net Gayly

Damn you, Ann Coulter. Damn you for making me fall in love with you for five seconds! After signing up to headline GOProud’s Homocon in September, the incredibly rude Coulter found herself sparring with World Net Daily editor Joseph Farah, who dropped her for his own conference. (Coulter says she was never officially booked.) Coulter fired back calling Farah “swine,” and then went on television to say more mean things!

Farah, who has a whole website to use as propaganda against Coulter, follows up: “Coulter called me a ‘publicity whore’ for my decision. But look who is on television talking about this – throwing mud, name-calling, smearing not only me but my entire staff. I will not engage in the kind of ad hominem attacks that have made Coulter so famous and that are making her even more of a media darling in this age of reckless anger and character assassination for the sake of entertainment. Every day, since we made this decision at WND, I thank God for giving me the clarity of mind and discernment to make the right choice.”

What happens when neither the liberals nor the conservatives want to be on Team Coulter?

[Ed: We don’t link to WND, but you can copy/paste the link if you really want to go. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=194229]

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