A real tranny mess

“Not Only Are You a Disgrace to Dancing, You’re a Disgrace to Transvestites”

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So, um, who else is obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance? It’s practically required viewing around Queerty HQ, which means we were falling all over ourselves when this little episode to your left took place.

Oh Nigel, you have such a way with words.

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  • Shirokuma66

    No way this guy, I mean Betty, can dance. That aside, why were they so cruel to him when there are always way too many lulu belles on American Idol try outs. They just let them try out, reject them, have a laugh and get on with selecting. Why did Nigel and the other judges have to be so hateful. Why was it aired? Actually, I’m sick of Nigel being such a fucking homophobe. He has had a chip on his shoulder about dancing gay men for years, yet he’s surrounded by them. Does not make sense. Here I go about something so trivial, but it struck a nerve. Let me get to my nerve pills.

  • Kid A

    It all seemed a bit harsh. The guy looked like he was having a good time.

  • Jeff

    The thing is that even though Nigel was cruel, he was right.

    This guy is why dancing gets a bad name with some fathers and this guy did come out to just make a mockery of the entire thing.

    You can see by the look on not-Mia Michaels (what is her name?) face that she’s just as upset with Betty Wallace as Nigel is. He was there to make a spectacle of himself and that’s what he did.

    And that accent! How affected can you get?

  • Daniel

    lol… “not-Mia Michaels”

  • Stenar

    I’m so obsessed with SYTYCD that I’m not only watching the US version, but I’ve also started watching the Australian and Scandinavian versions also. ;)

  • Shabaka

    Awww…That was so harsh!! The poor thing was having fun!!

  • Ty

    They were mad at him because he was making fun of male dancers. The guy was obviously not actually transgendered am making fun of the fact that male dancers “should be” gay or effeminate…I completely agree with the reaction of the judges. That guy was cruel

  • fredo777

    I don’t agree with everything the judges said, especially Nigel’s comment about him being everything that Nigel was against in dance, etc. I really disliked the “why fathers don’t want their sons dancing” nonsense. Unless I missed something, he basically just said that any effeminate (or genuinely trans) male dancers were to be scorned. I’m so over the whole obsession with male dancers having to butch it up to gain judges’ approval. I’ve heard it here, on Step It Up + Dance, as well as the noted mockery of effeminate male hopefuls on American Idol. Of course, I think this contestant was just trying to get on TV. That’s really not the big issue here, though.

  • Veronica Trash

    The reason why they were so harsh was related to the fact that this clearly homophobic contestant was making fun of male dancers, using parody. It wasn’t funny and it blew up on his face. And by the way, no self-respecting drag queen would go to an audition, with an unshaved beard and an outfit like that. Not even Bobby Trendy would wear that.

  • DavidDust

    If that fugly bitch is going to try to audition for a dance competition, she needs to be ready to hear the truth.

    And the truth is: bitch is ugly and can’t dance.

    Sorry, but sometimes the truth hurts.

  • fredo777

    I think by focusing solely on this particular “dancer”, we’re missing the real problem with this exchange.

  • Devian

    he was playing a part and wasting their time and taking up precious space for a “real” dancer. he was using this show as a way to market his little character. i would have been furious too to have my time wasted for some joker.

  • fredo777

    Wow. I did a Google search for his name + ended up finding his MySpace page. It’s private, but based on his default pic thumbnail, I’ll just say that he looks much better sans drag.


    If the link doesn’t work, just search “Jason Looney” on the Space.

  • linds

    I can’t believe so many people are failing to see the humor in Betty Wallace (Jason). I’m sure the guy wasn’t making any snide comment about transvestites, homosexuals, or people who pursue dance or the arts. I think he was making fun of the show and everything we invest in reality tv. Why are we looking at a television show like “So You Think You Can Dance?” and people like the judges to provide us with a value system? That is where the problem lies…. not with Betty Wallace. It was hilarious! Reality tv is a JOKE and betty fits in perfectly.

  • fredo777

    Speaking of “Betty Wallace”, I forgot to mention before that Jason’s MySpace search result lists his orientation as gay. So, he wasn’t some hetero frat guy poking fun at femme male contestants, in case anyone jumped to that conclusion.

  • scott

    seriously, some of you I think read it the wrong way.

    i think he was some dude, who doesn’t know how to dance and auditioned. In drag. That was he gimmick to get thru.

    the whole beard thing is sad. and well, his dancing was sad too. I’m just not clear if he was trying to make a name/be famous for being a loon or he really thought he could dance and was not as self-aware as he could be.

  • p

    plenty of people audition on shows like this and american idol, who are often just flat out ridiculous, and most of them are unaware of how bad they actually are. given this, i agree with others who have said that in those cases the judges just laugh or simply give their statement of ‘no.’ the worste of what simon cowell ever says is ‘this is horrendous, awful’ etc. but the judges on SYTYCD went waaaay too far. this guy may not have known he was a terrible dancer and maybe he was just trying to have fun and take a chance. but to call him a disgrace to transvestites and the whole father’s/son’s comment was totally inappropriate. personally, i’ve seen far worse dancers on this show (anyone see the guy with the mask who just jumped around?) and the judges didn’t give him half as much shit as they gave betty. i mean, at least the guy a routine lined up.

  • Chris

    I have no sympathy for Mr. Looney a.k.a. Betty Wallace. I could care less if he is or isn’t gay (and no the fact someone found a private Myspace page proves little to me), regardless of his orientation he is simply a fool.

    He can’t dance and he wasted his time and the judges’ time as well as taking time away from individuals who were making a legitimate effort to audition for the show. Moreover, his get up was a poke in the eye at the judges (not to mention I suspect many transgender individuals and even real drag queens probably found it insulting).

    If one don’t enjoy reality television, then one need not watch it. In fact, I would suggest simply turning off the t.v. period and reading a good book or taking a long walk instead. As for engaging in a subversive political discourse on the banality of reality t.v., save that crap for social studies thesis. There is no need to be rude and waste others’s time just to make a point.

    Finally, “So You Think You Can Dance” is not “American Idol”–thankfully! They have much less patience for people who just want to screw around to get on t.v. Professional dancing, unlike Disney-style pop singing, takes a certain level of true talent, and the show is about showcasing individuals with real talent, not attention whores who just want to be on television.

  • linds

    CHRIS… you suck. First of all, most of your comment was grammatically incorrect. Secondly, SYTYCD and American Idol are produced by the same network. Stop pretending that they aren’t the same simply because you feel more connected in some way to SYTYCD. I feel like the gay community suffers when we acknowledge the false “logic” that the judges use when accosting people like betty. who gives a shit why (s)he chose to go on the show, or how great of a talent she is. the point is that the producers let betty get on tv. in order to get on tv you have to go in front of a producer. nigel isn’t focused on making a statement (though he wants you think it is). he…along with fox…. wants ratings… that’s what this is about.

  • Brie

    @Ty: I actully know this guy, and that’s not true at all. He definitely doesn’t think all male dancers have to be gay.

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