Not Surprising…

Madonna’s not nice. “The Swedish pop star Robyn was psyched when the Material Mom invited her to open for a handful of her European concerts but quickly found out there are rules. Robyn told her hometown Swedish paper that she and her crew were told “not to approach Madonna, not to speak to Madonna and, above all, no pictures… I hadn’t expected any glamour, but it’s strange that they assume that the first thing you’re gonna do is run after Madonna and ask for an autograph. My worst nightmare would be to turn into Madonna.” We take it Madge won’t be inviting Robyn back for an encore. [NY Post]

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  • DairyQueen

    I am noticing that Madonna is becoming an old crotch.

  • Psychofag

    Madonna should be taking Premarin…

  • Darth Paul

    Robyn rules. On the North Pole, she’ll ice you, son.

  • Shirokuma66

    Love Robyn. She is actually a seasoned pro in the business now and has so much more to offer for the future of pop music. Madonna is so over. Retire already and try and be nice to people. You can be rich, famous and creative, and not be a bitch!


    madonna is a cunt

  • michael

    Madonna is another example of American how classless and trashy
    Americans have become. We make enthrone our Queen of pop to a
    skanky old piece of white trash with a big mouth, big ego, and a nasty old pussy that she still tiredly wiggles in front of everyone because the bitch can’t sing or dance. We love anything low class in this country, (Palin and her population is most recent example)
    and have lost all of our class, dignity and decorum. The U.S. is circling the drain and the pipe to its sewer is very short, yeah I know Madonna lives in England right now but she is a great example of how you cannot put lipstick on a nasty ole pig.

  • Jon

    Why are you people talking shit about our Queen? Your words are blasphemous. I’m not sure why fags of today are so hateful about Madonna. She has been nothing but supportive and accepting of gays and for that she’s called a cunt and compared to Sarah Palin? This is an example of why gays have lost so much political power in this country and why we still do not have equal rights. If we stab our friends in the back, how can we expect our “enemies” to trust us enough to listen to our views?

  • KPB

    It’s pure comedy that someone trying to make a serious point talks about someone’s “nasty old pussy.” Have you sent your resume to the Times yet?

    Yeah, it seems a bit bitchy but Madonna has been at this for a very long time. Madonna’s management probably makes this assumption based on the behavior of former opening acts. She doesn’t want to be bothered before a performance. So what? I wonder how many of you queens snap when someone even looks at you while you’re having your morning coffee.

  • Chris

    Robyn can talk shit when she’s selling out stadiums and arenas at 50. For now, she needs to have a nice bowl of “shut the fuck up.”

  • marcus

    Recently Madonna went through airport security in Europe in a bathrobe, it was all over the papers. She’s trash. Just because she sells a lot of records does not mean she is all that talented and it certainly says nothing of her character. Most of our country voted for George Bush the last 8 years, so I suppose by some of your reasonings nobody should say anything negative about him. I don’t know why so many gay guys think she is all that. She used us. We helped her reach the top. Have you heard her have anything to say about the gay marriage issue in California? How big is the check she wrote to help defeat proposition 8? I think that their are a lot of Queens out there that wish they were Madonna. They see her as powerful and commanding of respect. Get over it cause nobody respectable respects her. She is a skank, and being rich and selling records to the tasteless masses will never change that.

  • KPB

    Thanks to Robyn for setting the record straight on this story and proving it to be bullshit. I can’t wait for the next Queerty sponsored “I Hate Madonna” post and all the “she’s a skank” & “she has an old pussy” queens to come buzzing around it. It amazes me how much time & effort people will put into hating her.

  • SureNow

    What a fucking CUNT Madonna is! just LIKE THOSE STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS, THE lolling stones, ROCK “STARS”, after they turn 40, NEED TO BE EUTHANIZED! Fuck these dumb cunts!~ They are idiots!

    Make room for creativity you lazy corporate cunt, Madonna! You couldn’t pay me to li9sten to your shit! As a matter of fact, in my collection of 18,000 music titles, YOU ARE COMPLETELY ABSENT! BTW—I do include Bananarama—they know they suck, and limited their “artistry”!

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