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  • Yuriy

    “You are just trying to get a good shot of my ass”
    <3 her

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    Fabulous! A true diva is ALWAYS in control

  • Pip

    wow, that vignette made me love all of them more!

  • GregorVonK

    Funny, I couldn’t stand any of them…I mean, I don’t have anything against them in general, but this vignette made me DISLIKE them more.

  • Pip

    @GregorVonK: That’s because you don’t understand what it is to be fabulous.

  • That Bitch Téa Delgado

    Gaga and Babs seemed to have a sense of humor about it; Madge just seemed to be bitchy.

  • GregorVonK

    @Pip: I’m sure you’re right. That kind of “fabulousity” is not something I’d ever aspire to. But for those who like that kind of thing, I’m sure it’s, well, fabulous.

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